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World Domination 104: Choosing Your Cohorts

If you’ve been following along for the last several weeks, you’ve gotten most of the basics ready for a world domination attempt (or more than one; as everyone from Lex Luthor to Cobra Commander could tell you, this is the sort of endeavor that frequently takes more than one trial). You’ve gotten everything from a quality education to a base of operations from which to make all of your plans into a reality. What could you possibly be missing?

Why, people, of course! As much as you might want to engage in your world-domination schemes on your own, you’ll probably need some help if you are hoping to get the entire world to bow down to your power. In fact, I’d go as far as far as saying you’re going to need an entire team to work with you on your efforts. Let’s look closer at the some of the cohorts you will need to have the skills necessary to dominate the planet:
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Wacky Wednesday: Brave New World

Previously: There was good news and bad news about your latest attempt to use time travel to become rich without hard work or the need to wait for decades for your money to grow.  The bad news is that your grandfather ended up withdrawing your money and using it himself decades before you were born. … Continue Reading