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Need $20 Today? (Easy Ways to Get $20 Instantly)

Make $20 Instantly

Need $20 Today? (Easy Ways to Get $20 Instantly)

Need to make $20 fast? No matter your reasons for needing it, in this post, we’ll show you 25 ways you can get $20 instantly!

While $20 might not be a significant amount of money on its own, it can compound over time leaving you with much more than you started with.

Give these methods of making money a try and watch your earnings grow.

Make Money Rakuten

Get $10 When You Sign Up for Rakuten

Rakuten offers a variety of services including cash back on purchases made through their links for a large variety of retailers. You can earn anywhere from 1 to over 10% cashback on your purchases, but that’s not how you’ll make $20 instantly.

Instead, when you register for a new account, you can score a free $10 for doing nothing at all! That’s halfway to the $20 you need.

But that’s not it! You can take advantage of their referral program to make even more money. For each qualifying referral you facilitate, you’ll earn an additional $25! That puts you well over the $20 you’re searching for.

How to Make $300 Fast (22 Top Ways to Make Money in 2020)


How to Make $300 Fast (22 Top Ways to Make Money in 2020)

No matter your reasons or needing $300, we’ve gathered some of the best (and fastest) ways to get money in your hands.

Between car repairs, electric bills, or a car payment on the horizon, coming up with some extra cash can be stressful, but it is certainly doable.

You’ll need to dedicate a few hours to making money but it can certainly be done. Keep reading to learn the best ways you can make $300 fast.

How to Make $300 in a Few Days

Whether it’s an upcoming rent payment or you just want to make $300, here are some of the best, completely legitimate ways you can make money in no time.

1. Sign Up for a New Credit Card To Earn a Cash Bonus

Many credit cards will offer cash sign up bonuses for well over $100. There are several cards that offer a $150 sign up bonus such as the Capital One Quicksilver card and the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card. The Capital One Savor card even offers a $300 sign up bonus.

Can I Make Good Money as a Personal Trainer? (12 Tips to Make More Money)

Can I Make Good Money as a Personal Trainer

Can I Make Good Money as a Personal Trainer? (12 Tips to Make More Money)

Personal training can be a fun and fulfilling career helping others transform their body composition and pushing them to reach their fitness goals.

But can you make good money being a personal trainer?

In short, the answer is yes, the amount of money you can make as a personal trainer is up to you!

Keep reading to learn how you can maximize your earnings while keeping clients in top shape.

How Much Money Can You Make?

While many trainers choose to work for local gyms and fitness centers, there are several other ways you can monetize your services that might be more profitable.

It’s common for a gym or fitness center to charge anywhere from $30 to over $100 for a 30-minute session. This money often gets split between the gym and yourself, leaving you with about half of the total.

If you can keep a full schedule, this can be a pretty lucrative career. Assuming that you can complete around 40 30-minute sessions per week and you receive a total of $30 per session, this would amount to $1,200 per week before taxes.

How Long Should You Hold Stocks?

How Long Should You Hold Stocks

How Long Should You Hold Stocks? (Guide to Maximizing Investment Returns)

Whenever you buy stocks, you’ll often wonder how long you should hold them for. Days, months, years, or even decades?

You might’ve heard the saying “time in the market beats timing the market” and that is certainly the case. No one can predict the future, making for risky investing if you decide to hold your stocks for the short term.

Holding your stocks not long enough might cost you tremendous amounts in both taxes and missed opportunities.

In this post, we’ll help you to understand how long to hold your stocks for, the reasons behind doing so, and some common ways to sell your holdings.

Always Hold Stocks for Longer Than 1 Year

Stock prices are extremely volatile. They can increase and decrease second by second, making it tough to “time” the right time to sell.

By holding your positions for longer than one year, you can limit some of the short term volatility while still realizing some of your potential gains.

What To Do With 100k (Best Investing Strategies & Money Management)

What to do with 100k

What to Do with 100k

If you’re fortunate enough to have landed on $100,000 you might be wondering what to do with your money. After all, with a lot of money comes a lot of responsibility.

Managing it incorrectly could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Whether you obtained your money through years of saving, winning the lottery, or selling a home, there are a few things you should and shouldn’t do with your money.

In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of managing your money effectively to maximize your returns while limiting your risk.

Open a Savings Account Immediately

If you obtained your money through a windfall such as winning the lottery or gambling of some fashion, you should immediately open a high-interest savings account to keep your money safe while simultaneously earning a minimal amount of interest.

Even if your money is kept there for only 30 days, let’s see how much money you can make.