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The Success of Others and My Motivation

As human beings, we all tend to compare ourselves to others. It’s a natural part of life; whether you want to do so or not, as you learn about how other people live their lives, you make comparisons to how you are living, and even judgments on how those other people live. It’s hard to stop; as long as you want to know how other people are living, the comparisons will occur.

Especially when it comes to money, and the financial success (or lack thereof) had by other people, the comparisons and even judgments tend to flow readily. With money, you can break the current standing of yourself and any others down into a precise figure, exact to the last cent, and compare where you stand. It doesn’t hurt (or help, if you consider this a bad thing) that you can easy find lists of the top billionaires currently living, if you want to see how far you have to go before you are the richest human on the planet. (Heck, if this planet isn’t enough, you can check out the richest fictional characters, and see where you stand next to likes of Richie Rich, Jed Clampett, and Tony Stark.)
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Will Having Money Change You?

It’s something we’re all hoping for: acquiring enough money that we can do whatever we want, whenever we want. Having the level of wealth necessary that we no longer need to work, being able to spend our time doing what we want (and only what we want). In short, becoming rich. When most of us… Continue Reading

Should You Worry About Leaving Your Children an Inheritance?

Have you ever considered whether you should leave an inheritance for your children or other dependents? It’s one of those things you never really think of when planning your financial future. The question is always phrased as, ‘How much of an inheritance should you leave?’ or, since the answer to that question is usually considered… Continue Reading

What I Want To Do In Life

It’s important to have dreams. Not just tasks, which we actively work to achieve. Not hopes, those wishes we send into the wind that may, or may not, be accomplished ‘one day’. Not even resolutions, those tasks we set for ourselves at least once a year in order to improve our lot in life. No,… Continue Reading