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6 Clever Ways to Get Free Stuff

6 Clever Ways to Get Free Stuff

Did you know that it’s possible to get your favorite products for free of or cost or at a fraction of the original price? Until now you would have had to pay up to $10-$15 for things like breakfast and fresh fruits. But there are easy ways that I have shared to these things for free of cost. 

Here are the 5 clever ways to get free stuff

1. Join a book exchange club

Thanks to technology you don’t have to attend book exchange meetups anymore. You can log in to websites like BookMooch and share your book or ask for any book you want. That too for free. By giving your used books to others, you get points which you can later use to receive books that you want to read. What better way than this to get free stuff.

2.  Pick fresh fruits right from the trees

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are rare to get these days. Especially if you live in a metropolitan area. And the ones that are available are loaded with harmful pesticides. With websites like, now you can easily locate the fruit-bearing trees in your city or town.

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The Best Secured Credit Cards 2019

The Best Secured Credit Cards 2019

Secure credit cards are for people who are either first-time credit card users or have a bad credit history. Credit card bureaus Equifax and TransUnion are responsible to monitor your track record of credit card usage. For, those who fail to meet the standards set by these bureaus are less likely to be eligible for… Continue Reading