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Sucré New Orleans Macarons Review and Giveaway!

Thanks for all the entries; the giveaway is over, and I’d like to thank everyone who entered!

I’ve learned a lot from having a chef for a wife. From the proper way to prepare cookie dough from scratch to the meaning of sous-chef (the second-in-command of the kitchen, and my official title in my wife’s kitchen), there’s quite a lot you learn when you spend a lot of time near the chef. One of the biggest things is just how much time and effort can be involved with even seemingly simple treats.

Treats such as macarons. (Not macaroons, a distinct dessert item that is usually composed of lightly baked coconut, although my spell-check seems to think that’s the case.) You might think it’s a simple little snack, but they’re actually tougher to create than they look. They’re also more delicious than they look (if that’s possible). That’s why when I was given the chance to review delicious macarons and give a gift of macarons to one of my readers, I eagerly took it.
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Weekly Round-Up: Contest (and Google Reader) Coming to an End…

You probably know by now, but Google Reader is being axed as of Monday.  If you haven’t already, you’ll need to migrate your feeds (including The Amateur Financier) to another reader.  Personally, I recommend Feedly (you can easily transfer the files from Reader if you log on before Monday), but there are more than a few readers out there, and plenty… Continue Reading

800th Post Celebration and CONTEST!

Thanks very much, everyone who entered.  The contest is now over, and I’m in the process of giving out the prize.  Thanks for keeping me going through 800 posts! You might not believe what the title of this post is claiming, but it’s true: this is the 800th post to be published here on The… Continue Reading