The Amateur Financier One Page Financial Guide

There is a lot to learn in the personal finance realm.  Heck, I've written hundreds of posts on this blog, and have barely scratched the surface of this personal finance thing.  Even with hundreds of personal finance bloggers (or thousands, maybe?  Are there thousands of personal finance bloggers, or does it just feel that way when I look at my ‘To Be Read' list?), we're still only touching on a fraction of the financial sphere.  The world of money is quite expansive.

With that broad view, it's kind of odd to go in the opposite direction and attempt to condense everything I've learned in just one page.  But it seems to be where the winds are blowing lately.  Inspired by Trent Hamm's book Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance On Just One Page, there is currently a contest for the best one-page summaries of financial knowledge.  It seems Adrian of 7 Million 7 Years is giving out Apple gift cards for the best one-page summaries being offered.  Not being a huge Apple fan, I'm not sure what I'll do if I win, but what the heck, the holidays are coming up and I'm sure someone in my family would want it.

Here, then, is my one page guide to everything that you could need to know about money, ever:

Look, Ma, all on one page!
Look, Ma, all on one page!

The only problem is that now, what else am I supposed to blog about it if I already put all of my knowledge in one page…

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