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The one year anniversary of when I started the Amateur Financier is coming up rapidly.  (It’s this Sunday, in fact; has a year really gone by this fast already?)  As I look back on my blogging career, short though it might seem, I can’t help feeling that I could be doing much better in my blogging career.

So, it was with great interest that I read about the Financial Samaurai’s Alexa Ranking Challenge.  (For those who don’t really get into blogging and the intricacies thereof, Alexa is a site owned by Amazon that analyzes websites and ranks them according to their impact; the smaller the number, the higher the ranking, and the more influence and impact the blog has.  Google, for example, has a rank of one, while my own humble blog has a rank around 580,000; check the badge to right to see the most up to the date number.)  FS’s challenge is simple: improve your ranking, improve your blog, and work to promote and support others as they attempt to do the same.

This sounds like a simply wonderful idea; it’s something I’ve been trying to do now for quite a while, but with more support, a ring of friends to help (and from whom to receive help), and tangible goals to meet (for me and my blog, that means getting my ranking under 200,000 by July 4th), I feel even more energized and motivated than ever before.  Plus, as an added bonus, he’s attempting to form a group called the Yakezie from everyone who can meet their goal, and that just plain sounds cool.  Look at their symbol:

The Yakezie Symbol
The Yakezie Symbol

So, just how am I, Roger the Amateur Financier, going to break into the top 200,000 in Alexa rankings and become a master blogger?  I have a few thoughts on that issue already:

-Post 4-5 Good Entries Each Week: Too often, I’ve been in a big rush or otherwise unmotivated, and didn’t put quite as much time and effort into my blogging as I wanted.  No more; if I can’t come up with something worth writing, I’m simply not going to post anything. If I’m not forcing myself to come up with an entry each day, the ones that I do post should be of even higher quality.  And speaking of not posting each day…

-Take at least one day each week off from posting on my blog: Besides allowing me some time to enjoy life rather spending it in front of a computer, I’ll have a chance to catch up on blog reading, build up a buffer of ready to be published blog entries, and otherwise make things easier for me down the road.  Currently, I’m thinking of taking Saturdays off and moving my weekly collection of other personal links to Sunday, leaving the weekdays for ‘real’ blog entries and possibly guest posts.

-Try to write at least two entries each day: Why two?  That will allow me to publish one here on the Amateur Financier while having one in reserve for a buffer, for guest posts, for submitting to freelance writing sites, or any number of other purposes.  Plus, if I only achieve half of my goal, I’ve still written one post for that day, which isn’t too shabby.

-Write more guest posts, and accept more on this site: I’ve been reluctant to let anyone else post here, mainly for personal reasons.  From this point on, I’m going to try to accept one guest post each week (if anyone is wants to bask in the Amateur Financier’s glory) as well as submitting AT LEAST one guest post per week to other blogs.  I think my main targets are going to be the fellow would-be Yakezie members; after all, one of FS’s conditions for getting in is supporting each other, so why not start here?

-Read and comment on others’ blogs: I’ve been bad about this lately, and getting worse.  Besides building up some comment karma (that is, I comment on others’ blogs and I get comments in return), it’s not a bad way to put myself out there, get the name Amateur Financier on a variety of blogs, and maybe get a little traffic as a result.  Plus, I first got into financial blogs by reading, and I kind of miss being able to spend a whole afternoon just going through back posts on some of my favorite blogs.  Now that I’m not trying to write blog entries on Saturday, that will be a perfect day to go out and read some good blog entries.

There, that’s a pretty solid set of rules to follow; if I can do all that, I should be in very good shape, and will be a member of the Yakezie by mid-July.  Luckily, the Financial Samurai has assured us that nobody is going to remove any joints from our fingers; that would take a lot of the fun out of it.

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  1. Great stuff Rog! Sounds like a great plan.

    Definitely take a break. I don’t want you to burn out, and on your days off, go visit other cool sites and enjoy!

    This past week, I just posted Mon, Wed, and Friday… and then Sat. Good enough, as I make it a point to respond to anybody who asks me a question and get back on e-mails on a regular basis.

    It is really tempting to post everyday actually, but like I mention in the challenge post, it’s good to let your post percolate and be found.

    Good luck! I know you can make it.
    .-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..The Katana: A Week Long Celebration of Love =-.

    • @FS: Thanks my friend. I’m going to do my very, very best to keep up with everything make this blog into a major success. Thanks for the encouragement; I’ll have to do my very best to meet your challenge. Posting less often (but making my posts much more exciting and worthwhile) seems like a great idea; less stress, less panic, and more well-written blog entries. I’ll have to do everything in my power to turn this blog into a powerhouse and make it one of the most popular sites on the web. Thanks again!

  2. Hi Roger … aka Amateur Financier.

    First … congratulations on your first anniversary. It is amazing the number of blogs that are abandoned long before the first anniversary (bloggers can be very fickle).

    You have a very good strategy here to get into the top 200K of Alexa. I have started to keep track of my Alexa on a daily basis and am tickled pink that on any given day it inches up by several thousand – and I do not post daily (although it is always on my weekly goals).

    I like your idea of writing at least 2 posts daily – one for publishing and one for either backup/guest post/ -perhaps publishing to article directories?

    Yes, it is good for FS to let us keep our pinkies intact but I think that is a different bad lot yakuza… nevertheless, no need to sweat.

    Rog, I am sure that with your determination membership in the yakezie is all but a done deal for you. Will be watching your progress.

    .-= Valentina´s last blog ..Musings on a Sunday Morn: Done? Never! =-.

  3. Welcome to the challenge! I too wish to enjoy the cool title of “Yakezie” because it just sounds cool. Good luck to you!
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..The Super Bowl, Economy, Politics And Crazy People =-.

  4. That’s a great method and schedule plan you’ve got there. I have guest post on my site regularly and it helps me to concentrate on other business ventures. I was kind of shying away from it, at first, because when I create something, I’m very protective of it. If I can help/post in any way, please let me know. I invite you to post on my site anytime! Thanks for sharing.

    Best regards,

    .-= Eric´s last blog ..Get Your Competitive Edge By Creating Thought Leader Status For Yourself =-.

  5. Good luck in the challenge, Roger. I agree it’s a good motivating goal – even installing the Alexa toolbar, which I was reluctant to have schlocking up my browser before.

    It definitely keeps you focused to see the number move up (yey!) or down (boo!).

    I’ve concluded that posting frequency is an eternal woe, like death and taxes.

    • Yay! Definitely nice to see a much larger group of bloggers than when I first started. And so much encouragement, too; you’ll have to stop, before you give me a big head.

      @Tracy: Yup, combining a goal I’ve had for a while with a group of like-minded individuals and a cool name to boot seems like a good idea to me.

      @Valentina: Thanks for the congratulations, they are greatly appreciated. I can see after more than a year of working on my blog why others might not be willing or able to spend the time needed in order to properly develop a blog. I’ve wondered more than once if I should just call it quits, but it has been way too much fun to stop. Hopefully, my strategy will work; I’m doing my best to put it into action, and hopefully I will be able to meet my goal. Good luck to you as well, while we both try to meet our goal.

      @Eric: I hear you on being (over)protective of your blog; that’s a major reason that after more than a year of blogging, that’s no guest posts here on the Amateur Financier. I’m going to work hard to change that, both putting more entries up on other sites, and making my blog more hospitable to guest posters. I’ll definitely have to try to come up with a guest post for you soon!

      @Monevator: Thanks, it is indeed fun to watch the numbers change, hopefully moving up more than down. As for posting frequency… I suppose it is one of those eternal struggles every blogger needs to figure out. Good luck, and here’s hoping there’s much more up than down in your Alexa numbers!

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