Weekly Thoughts: Getting Back In The Habit

Argh!  (I figured that was an appropriate display of frustration, as it's nearly time for all the Christmas specials to start airing…or did they air already?  I'm so far behind.)  In the spirit of trying to get back into a more solid blogging habit, now that I've got schoolwork out of the way (for now, anyway).

So, although there's a ‘weekly' up there in the title to this blog post, it's going to be more of a ‘the last three weeks or so' type of roundup.   I missed quite a lot in my time spent studying, and it's going to take me a little while to get caught back up.  Trust me when I say that there are dozens of blogs I'm trying to get caught up on, all of which are all but overflowing with great content.  Keep up the good work, everyone!  (But if you feel like slowing down for a bit, maybe posting one or two less entries each week, I promise I won't mind.)

Contests and Giveaways

There is a Skinny Christmas Giveaway being hosted over on Invest It Wisely.  You have a chance to win either physical or digital copies of three ‘Skinny On' books, covering real estate, credit cards, and creativity.  All three look pretty interesting, and if you're like me, you'll find it hard to look a gift book in the mouth.

Also courtesy of Invest It Wisely, there's the opportunity to win Seth Ramit's I Will Teach You To Be Rich.  With all the books that are being given away, I might not have to buy books again for a whole, oh, three or four weeks!

Kay Lynn, the Bucksome Boomer, has been on a giveaway spree this whole month it seems.  She wrapped up several concurrent giveaways earlier this week (which, sadly, I was unable to enter or promote the heck out of), and has already begun a new giveaway for CSN stores.  The woman is a machine, a machine I tell you!  (Just kidding, my dear; I am impressed at everything you've been able to accomplish, though)

A rare double whammy: Both Enemy of Debt and Budgets are Sexy are working together to give away a total of $400 in prize money.  Definitely a pretty sweet deal right there.

On Garbage Filter (a blog I'll admit I hadn't heard about until now), there's yet another book giveaway.  (We bloggers do like our books…)  You have a chance to win Fire Sale, a book on how to buy foreclosures.  (You definitely have plenty of opportunities in this market.)

Good Yakezie Posts

The Skinny on Creativity: A Book Review – Don't know if it's worth entering Invest It Wisely's rather massive book giveaway up there?  Then check out his review of the latest book in the series he's giving away, and see if it's worth a look.  (Hint: It definitely is.)

Sustainable Everything-Remodel Your Life – Sustainability is a word you probably have heard tossed around quite a bit lately.  If you'd like a better idea of what it is, and more importantly, how you can make your life more sustainable, be sure to check out this article on Christian Common Cents to get a better handle on it.

7 Great Qualities Shared by the Rich and Successful – Ever wonder what makes the rich, successful, widely admired people different from those who aren't?  This guest post on Smarter Spend gives you a pretty good overview, from creativity to perseverance.  Master all these traits, and you have a good chance of becoming rich, yourself.

Unemployment Checks are the Best Form of Economic Stimulus – Never one to back down from a fight, Financial Samurai wades right into the waters of unemployment compensation, a rather touchy subject (to say the least) right now.  I think he makes some good points about how quickly unemployment money goes back into the economy, though.

Dealing With Poor Performance: Lessons from Simon Cowell and Jesus Christ – What do the King of Kings and the mean judge from American Idol have in common?  According to Joe Plemon, more than you would guess, at least when it comes to dealing with people who don't meet their expectations.  An interest comparison, to say the least.

Welcome Baby Boy – To end on a high note, Evan of My Journey to Millions has recently welcomed a brand new bundle of joy into his household.  Congrats to you and ‘The Wife' on the wonderful news, my friend!

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