Weekly Round-Up: Many Problems This Week

This week has been troublesome, to say the least.  Firstly, my daughter has begun teething.  I don't know how many of you have had to handle young children of your own, but somehow all the stories you hear don't quite prepare you for a child who is irritable, not eating properly, and just plain not behaving normally.  Luckily, she isn't as bad as some of the worst children I've heard about (plus, she seems to calming down, at least as of this writing), but it's still not ideal, particularly when we also have…

A wounded dog!  Yes, our adorable dog is suffering from a wounded foot.  We took him to the vet, and it doesn't seem to be anything too horrible (no broken bones or anything like that).  That doesn't mean it's going to be easy with him, though; we need to give him daily anti-inflammatory medicines, leave a cone on his head (the cone of shame, as Sondra calls it), and keep him off his feet.  Granted, he usually doesn't spend much time on his feet (he's more of a lap dog anyway), but still, I have to carry him around everywhere now, plus deal with him whining even more than usual, which wasn't uncommon before.

While all this was going on, I also happened to have a seizure earlier this week.  I'm not sure whether a fairly severe seizure  only ranking as the third biggest problem I've had to handle this week is more a sign that I am getting my seizures under control, or that a daughter and a dog who are both in a great deal of pain are pretty severe.  In either case, they complicate the already difficult matter of blogging on a regular basis, to say of nothing of reading other interesting blog entries, such as these

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Other Great Posts

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Contests and Giveaways

That's it for this week; as always, if there is anything you care to add, let me know and I will add it to the next round-up.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

It was a pretty popular post to judge from the comments, and A Few Harsh Truths About Blogging was pretty popular in the carnivals, as well:

Alrighty, that's it for this week.  I hope that you all have a fantastic week, and here's hoping none are as rough as mine has been!

Hopefully, I'll see less of my baby looking like this in the future.
Hopefully, I'll see less of my baby looking like this in the future.
Image Source: Wikimedia

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