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6 Tips to Avoid Scams

Well, well, well, it’s already Wednesday, the middle of the week, the time when everybody starts thinking about the weekend (as if they haven’t been doing so since the last weekend).  It’s also a good time to cover one of those unfortunate, but necessary, topics: avoiding scams and the scammers who would like nothing better than to take your money.  I’m not going to be able to cover all the types of scams out there, as that number clocks into the millions (and even more sadly, increases all the time), but these few general tips should help you to avoid most of the scams that are out there:

1. Don’t Put All Your Money In One Investment or Firm: If you find a highly successful investment, it’s tempting to put ever increasing amounts of money into said investment.  After all, why keep your money where you are earning a paltry return when you could be earning a much higher level of income with one sweet investment?  Well, one reason is because that sweet investment might not be all that it’s cracked up to be (ask anyone who invested with Bernie Madoff).  By keeping your investment money in a variety of investments at different companies, you can prevent a scam (or even a more common occurrence, like poorer than expected investment returns) from derailing your monetary plans.
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Banking Online Safely

It’s becoming almost a monthly event: there was a security breach last week, allowing hackers to access people’s personal information.  I mentioned a few months ago about how the Playstation Network was hacked (and subsequently shut down), certainly a dark day for most online gamers. Now, though, it’s a major bank, specifically Citibank, that has… Continue Reading

PlayStation Network Hacked! How to Protect Your Identity

You might have heard by now, but there was a major hacking event over the past week. The PlayStation Network, where thousands of gamers congregate to play online, has been hacked.  Yes, the ‘hackactivist’ group (that is, a group that using hacking to avenge perceived wrongs) ‘Anonymous’ hacked into the PlayStation Network, and apparently has… Continue Reading

Public Service Announcement: Avoiding Scams

It occurred to me as I was assembling my list of good blog articles for yesterday that several dealt with identifying or avoiding scams, either particular scams or the general concept of scams.  This makes sense; anytime is the perfect time for nefariously minded individuals to dangle the possibility of huge profits and giant returns… Continue Reading