Side Hustles for Civil Engineer

10+ Easy Side Hustles for Civil Engineers

Are you a civil engineer with the drive to make some extra money on the side?

You’re in luck! Here, we’ll explore different ways that civil engineers can leverage their skills and expertise to obtain steady streams of income outside of their 9-5 job. From tutoring to building furniture, jumpstart your dream side hustle today!

Product Development

Product development side hustles are a perfect fit for civil engineers. Civil engineers who have an entrepreneurial bent can transform their engineering background and skills into products, with the potential to generate additional income. Product development can either be in the form of designing accessories to existing products or prototyping and developing new products altogether.

A few types of product ideas for civil engineers include:
-Phone cases and stands that are created with lightweight materials such as aluminum or plastic and may feature a collapsible design for portability or waterproofing;
-City infrastructure tools such as sensor-enabled pedestrian bridges, solar powered tech poles, underground pipe cameras, reservoir temperature readers;
-Lasers and scanners specifically designed for surveying construction sites;
-Fences that are created from energy efficient material along with safety sensors that provide alerts for local authorities;
-Drones specifically designed to inspect bridges and sewer systems;

When launching any product, it is important to perform thorough testing so as to ensure accuracy of dimensions, functionality, and safety standards. One way to do this is through SimScale – a powerful cloud based software simulation platform used by engineers to rapidly test 3D models in varying conditions through CFD analysis. The software also enables users to identify potential flaws before mass production begins – saving time spent on costly modifications down the line. In addition to software simulations, it is essential that civil engineers conduct real world tests while ensuring safety protocols are firmly in place. Once the product has been perfected , one has the option of selling the concept wholesale or partnering with hardware stores in order to promote their product.

You can easily make $150 a day with product development side hustle.

money blogging


Blogging is a great potential side hustle for civil engineers. It provides you with the opportunity to earn money through generating website traffic and creating content that will be engaging and helpful to your audience. A blog can be a powerful tool to market yourself, build an online presence, develop authority in the industry, and even make an income.

In terms of monetizing your blog, there are several strategies you can use such as affiliate marketing by recommending products or services in return for a commission on any sales you’ve generated; leveraging pay-per-click advertising using Google Adsense; offering consulting services related to engineering topics; or selling digital products such as eBooks, audio files, video tutorials, or software packages related to working in civil engineering that could help generate additional income.

Content should be written for both newbies and those already familiar with civil engineering topics. Creating interesting pieces with visuals can help capture the interest of your readers. You could write about your own experiences as an engineer – from winning business tenders to carrying out building inspections – which might help fire the imagination of some keen hobbyists starting out in their chosen profession. It’s also important to provide helpful advice on writing bids and entering competitions related to engineering projects so your readers have something useful they can use for their career development.

High quality content will give you greater visibility on websites like Google search results which will increase web traffic over time leading ultimately towards sustainable income opportunities if done right!

Whether you want to make $10 a day or $20 fast – blogging is a great side hustle for firefighters, civil engineers, and just about anyone!


Tutoring is one of the best side hustles for civil engineers looking to make an extra income. With the increasing demand for quality and personalized teaching services, tutoring students online can be a great way for civil engineers to reframe their engineering knowledge in a teaching capacity. Depending on the students’ learning goals, tutors can use different teaching methods and create individualized learning plans to help students review material, prepare for exams, or work on homework assignments.

Instructing and giving feedback on tasks such as model-building or problem-solving can also provide an additional income stream for civil engineers looking to share their engineering expertise. Also marketing their services through personal website or various tutoring websites such as Tutorhub or TutorMe can help boost your earning potential while doing something you’re passionate about.

Online tutoring enables civil engineers to earn money with nothing more than a laptop and internet connection, meaning they could tutor anywhere in the world and even make money while they travel! Since most online tutors teach part-time, they also have time to pursue other opportunities while having flexible hours. With enough knowledge and experience under your belt you could even consider becoming a longer-term mentor or instructor at a university or college – this will require some degree of certification but it could be well worth the effort in terms of salary and job security down the road.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing can be an extremely lucrative side hustle for civil engineers. Writing for online magazines and blogs gives civil engineers a platform to get their voice heard, help others understand more about the engineering industry and make money in the process. Civil engineers who are passionate about writing can become successful freelance writers in no time, by honing their skills, working hard, developing ideas, pitching to clients and following through on deadlines.

Many websites pay good money for short or long-form content such as blog posts, articles and research papers – all of which are great ways for civil engineers to make money from home. Additionally, when engineers write about topics related to their field such as blueprints, construction plans or engineering software programs – they can expect even better rates due to their expertise on the subject matter. Some helpful tips for freelance writers include:

● Researching trends within the industry – This can help civil engineers stay current with industry developments and gain knowledge around how different technology applications are being used in order to write new angles compelling angles based on what readers may be interested in knowing.

● Creating high-quality content fast – Civil engineers should strive to not only create quality content but also aim to do it quickly while ensuring they maintain proper grammar rules. This will help them maximize potential earnings with each piece of work they submit.

● Developing a strong network – Networking is essential when it comes to building connections that could lead you towards new projects or regular work opportunities which add up over time leading towards a steady income stream from freelance writing online.

Overall writing offers an excellent side hustle opportunity for civil engineers looking for ways to supplement their salaries or increase job satisfaction by exploring interesting topics related to engineering that readers would find enjoyable reading about online.

Delivery Driver

Delivery driver is a great side hustle for civil engineers looking to make some extra money. While it’s important to have reliable vehicle and car insurance, the rewards far exceed the costs. Delivery drivers make money through signing up for popular platforms like DoorDash and Instacart and providing personal deliveries in their cars to customers. Platforms like DoorDash provide an opportunity to make money even when offline, while services such as Instacart can be catered toward grocery shoppers who want someone else to pick up their food.

Delivery driver side hustles are ideal for civil engineers because they’re able to set their own hours and work around their busy working day. Engineers can choose to work when there is less traffic during the early mornings or evenings so that they have time outside of their core jobs during peak hours. As a bonus, delivery drivers make extra money through add-on services such as Insured Delivery, tips from customers, Surge Rates (when heavy demand requires extra man power), boost bonuses (when low demand requires additional motivation), and referrals bonuses when you bring on a friend or family member onboard.

Civil engineers who choose delivery driver as a side hustle don’t need special qualifications or training – although some companies do require a background check and age verification before employees can start working. All one needs is an active license with no DUI convictions within the last seven years, valid automobile insurance coverage (in most states), two forms of identification confirming name and age, access to reliable vehicular resources (car/bike/scooter). With these required materials in hand, civil engineers are able to create a flexible schedule that works for them which offers the flexibility of earning extra income without having fully commit themselves yet still be able contribute financially or personally meaningful goals or causes down the line.


One side hustle that Civil Engineers can consider is investing. Investing money can help to secure your financial future and can be a great source of passive income. There are many different ways to invest, and two of the most common ones are both real estate and the stock market.

Real estate is one of the most reliable investments because it’s an asset that generally appreciates over time and renters pay for your mortgage with their rental payments. When deciding which property to invest in, you’ll have to consider all factors including location, condition of the property, competition, tax incentives for renting, potential for appreciation and so on before you dive in.

The stock market has been around for a long time and can provide an excellent opportunity to invest in the future prospects of major companies in the U.S. economy or any global market. With stocks you run the risk of substantial capital loss but when selected correctly they can be profitable investments over time due to price momentum that comes from increases in earnings or changes in investor sentiment moving stocks up or down as well as dividend payments which help create consistent income streams also known as “dividend growth investing”. You should keep track of company news or economic indicators like GDP forecasts when deciding which stocks to buy or sell. It is essential that you complete your research before buying into any stock as this will reduce long-term risk associated with your investment portfolio by mitigating exposure to negative events that could hamper performance such as sudden retractions in earnings, unexpected downturns/crises etc… Be careful when trading ‘hot tips’ from friends or colleagues instead focus on sound strategies with strategies being having clear entry/exit points at either end & diversification backed by fundamentals instead so it pays off .


Substitute teaching offers civil engineers a great opportunity to bridge their technical expertise with teaching. Depending on the available positions, substitute teaching can provide the flexibility that many civil engineers need for pursuing outside endeavors. Since most substitute teachers have some prior teaching experience or a bachelor’s degree in Education, civil engineers can use this role to teach classes in related subjects such as Physics, Mathematics, or even Engineering.

Another great benefit of substitute teaching is that it allows you to gain exposure to different students and classrooms environments. You can use this to stay abreast of educational trends and knowledge while getting paid at the same time. For example, a civil engineer substituting in a physics class may gain exposure to the latest advancements in Physics which could influence future project designs or bridge designs.

Furthermore, there are many opportunities for growth within substitute teacher positions; more experienced individuals can eventually teach full classes after relying on their experience and dedication to learning all they can about educating students successfully. Cooperative School Districts often offer incentives such as credits that lead toward a full-time teaching certificate or educator’s license so civil engineers who are interested in transitioning into full-time education jobs may find substitute teacher work helpful for that effort as well.

In conclusion, Substitute Teaching provides an ideal side hustle for civil engineers looking to diversify their portfolio with additional income streams related to their field. The benefits are numerous, from learning new industry practices (like Physics) from different perspectives; gaining exposure and practice working with different students and classrooms; earning money from a flexible job; and even having an opportunity for growth within the position itself via potential incentives like credits towards licensures or an educator’s certificate offered by cooperative school districts. Overall it's a great side hustle option for those seeking additional income streams related to engineering and education alike!

YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is an increasingly popular side hustle for civil engineers. With the right content, civil engineers have the potential to earn passive income by uploading engaging videos that attract attention and generate interest in the profession. Although creating and maintaining a YouTube channel requires time and effort, it can be very rewarding.

Youtube channels are great for educating people about engineering topics, including structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, construction engineering, hydrology & hydraulic engineering, surveying and mapping technology, water & wastewater treatment systems design and operation. Videos also provide great opportunities to showcase project work and demonstrate best practices to both clients and prospective employees.

One way to make money from a YouTube channel is by monetizing it with Google Ads or joining a YouTube partner program such as Trueview for example. Additionally, YouTubers can generate extra income through merchandising their own products or those of affiliates on their channel page or webpage. It’s also possible to use YourTube as a platform for courses or public speaking engagements about topics related to civil engineering – this can be another great source of revenue for civil engineers who already have some followers on their YouTube channels.

Finally – besides helping you generate passive income – having your own YouTube channel can be beneficial in many other ways too: you could reach more students who might need your advice when it comes down to studying Civil Engineering; you can enhance your branding with potential clients; you may create an environment where professionals exchange ideas; not only that – having your own vlogging platform may boost the morale of young professionals joining this profession. Therefore, creating your own channel could give you not only financial advantages but also emotional ones.


Podcasting is now a viable job option if you’re looking to make some extra money. Podcasting ventures can range from scratching the surface to full-blown business investments with the intent of turning it into your primary source of income and even those who are new to civil engineering can see success. With that in mind, let’s look at how you can use podcasting as a passive side hustle and make money from it.

The first step to setting up a successful podcast is choosing a topic. It can be anything related to civil engineering such as current trends, real-world law enforcement challenges for civil engineers, and innovative techniques for building or even fun facts about the profession in general. Having an original idea will help you stand out among the competition and make your episode more memorable than others.

Once you have decided on a topic and what kind of content you will produce, start breaking down the items into smaller parts within each need show rather than running through everything at once. Breaking up your episodes into smaller segments will help keep listeners engaged while also keeping things interesting due to constantly switching topics in between each section. Furthermore, by having regular radioshow updates throughout the week, it opens up opportunities for people who are actively seeking such information online through podcasts rather than Blogs or YouTube vidoes when dealing with similar topics that relate to their field of expertise or interest.

In order for potential listeners to find your podcast, make sure you promote it strategically across all platforms like radio shows and social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter where possible. At this stage of production, collaborating with other industry experts serves two purposes: one being exposure within their network if they already have an established one; secondly would be taking advantage of each other's experiences which may add more depth or alternative views towards certain aspects of your particular subject matter on different episodes down the road during production. Finally when monetizing off your podcast by charging subscriptions fees or using tactics like affiliate marketing this could really give an additional boost when done right because these kinds of extra advantages serve as buffers when increasing engagement throughout both existing viewers while also attracting new subscribers over time generate steady revenue overtime which could potentially turn into a flourishing business venture later on down the line!

Final Thoughts on Side Hustles for Civil Engineers

If you're a civil engineer searching for a side hustle, these methods are great options worth considering.

From blogging, to product development, and delivering food with Doordash, there are plenty of options.