Net Worth Update: April 2013

I realize that when you look at this title you're probably thinking, ‘Roger, it's not April yet.  Heck, it's not even the end of March. Why are you doing your Net Worth post now?' Well, hypothetical reader, the short answer goes something like this: Tomorrow is Easter, and the following day is April Fool's Day (which I've used my Net Worth Update for fun in the past).  With those two holidays (well, as much as April Fool's Day can be considered a holiday) coming up, I thought that getting my Net Worth post out of the way might prove to be a pretty good idea.

Plus, it's not like my and Sondra's net worth is going to change too drastically in two days, particularly when those two days are (a) during the weekend, (b) include a holiday, and (c) occur when I am visiting my mother and have little expectation of spending much money.  (Update: The part about not spending much money wasn't quite true, although this Net Worth Update was still fairly accurate.)  As a result, although this update is technically two days earlier than normal, it should prove to be the exact same amount we will have when April really does roll around.  How much will that be?  Let's find out:

Net Worth April 2013a

Net Worth April 2013b


The overall net worth took quite a jump, which is always a good thing.  It's largely (alright, entirely) due to a pretty healthy tax refund (one which has already been eaten up by car insurance, regular monthly expenses, and credit card and student loan payments, leaving me with little that isn't already devoted to various expenses).  There is plenty of other good news to report: the investments are holding steady (and even up a little), those debts are being paid down, and my Alexa score is the best it's been all year.  Not a bad month, all in all, although more dependent on a once-a-year government check than I was hoping.  In any event, let's see how my progress on my resolutions is going:

Net Worth April 2013c

Not much new to report.  My alternate income is still lackluster, to say the least (although with those improving Alexa rankings, hopefully I can rectify that in the near future).  I'm slowly but surely knocking down the credit card debt.  The charitable donations from Sondra and I are a bit behind this month, in part because I included a part of the tax refund in our charitable goal calculations (not as much as, say, regular income, but still, I think we should try to giveback whenever we have money coming in).

Overall, not too bad a month, I'd say, although it could be better.  (When couldn't it be better, though?)  There's plenty of improvement possible, and here's hoping that with Spring upon us and the revitalizing Easter holiday upon us, I'll be even more productive in the coming month.  Happy Easter, everyone!

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