How to Save Money When Travelling in Europe

Europe is one of the most favored places for vacationing. Did you know that “15.7 million U.S. tourists crossed the Atlantic in 2017, a 16% increase from the previous year”? This stat was published a year ago by ConderFerris, a travel company based in the UK. If you are holding out on your Euro trip due to fear of unexpected costs or expenses in general, make sure you go through the points discussed further in this post. 

5 Ways to Save Money When Travelling in Europe

1) Stay With Friends or Colleagues 

If you are visiting Europe for the first time in your life, it can be hard to find people to stay with. Instead of paying $50-$60 a night for a hotel room, it is advised to stay with someone you know. Or if you are feeling adventurous, make friends on the go and ask them for a homestay. Maybe you can return the favor when they visit your country. Imagine the money you can save by avoiding accommodation costs.

2) Travel in Off-Season

It is no secret that travel, accommodation and food expenses are cheaper and more accessible during the off-season. In Europe, very few people visit between March and May. Even October can be considered as off-season month. Having said that, you do need to plan in advance to make an off-season trip feasible.

3) Always Eat Meat

This might not work if you are a vegan. But if you do eat meat, make sure to avoid vegetables at all costs while in Europe. Vegetables are not expensive than meat. However, it is difficult to live off them. They have fewer calories, do not make you feel full and also less savory than meat. Hence, to save money while in Europe, it is always advised to eat meat or poultry products.  

4) Use Couchsurfing App

If you fail to convince a local to let you homestay with them, so not worry. There is an easier and safer solution. Download the Couchsurfing app by clicking here. And login with your Facebook account. Post details of your trip and a trusted local will contact you soon. You don’t have to pay for the stay.

5) Get a Eurail Pass

With a Eurail pass, you can travel through 33 European countries without paying any more than the pass fee. You can buy a 15-day pass for approximately $60. Assuming your trip ends in a month, you can travel entitle Europe for a mere $120. This is far cheaper than air travel. However, remember to get the economy class as the first-class is more expensive.

Is Europe an Affordable Destination for Frugal Travelers? What Are the Alternatives?

Generally speaking, Europe is no as affordable as some other places like South East Asia, South America or New Zealand. Most countries like Spain, France, and England have one of the highest accommodation costs. However, if you still have set your eye on Europe you can visit places like Prague, Warsaw, Bratislava, Budapest, and Ljubljana.