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9+ EASY Ways to Flip $200 (2024)

Looking to flip $200? Check out these simple, proven methods that I've used!

Investing in Real Estate with Arrived

If you're looking to turn $200 into more money, investing in real estate with Arrived could be a smart move. Arrived is an investment platform that allows you to invest in rental properties without having to buy a property outright.

With Arrived, you can invest in a property and earn a portion of the rental income. This can be a great way to earn passive income and build wealth over time. Plus, you don't have to worry about the legal and financial aspects of owning a rental property, as Arrived takes care of that for you.

Another benefit of investing in real estate with Arrived is that it can be a great side hustle. You can invest as little as $200 and start earning rental income right away. Plus, you can invest in multiple properties to diversify your portfolio and maximize your profits.

Arrived also offers low fees, so you can keep more of your profits. And, unlike other investment platforms, there are no hidden fees or charges.

Overall, investing in real estate with Arrived can be a smart way to turn $200 into more money. With low fees, passive income, and the ability to invest in multiple properties, it's a great option for anyone looking to build wealth through real estate investing.

Invest in Stocks with Acorns

If you're looking to invest in stocks with just a small amount of money, Acorns is a great option. With Acorns, you can invest your spare change and watch it grow over time. The app automatically invests your money for you, making it a great option for those who are new to investing.

Acorns invests your money in ETFs, which are a type of investment that tracks the performance of a group of stocks. This means that your money is diversified across multiple companies, reducing your risk.

The app also offers retirement accounts, which can be a great way to save for the future. And if you sign up for Acorns using a referral link, you can get a sign-up bonus to help kickstart your investing journey.

Overall, Acorns is a great option for those who want to invest in the stock market but don't have a lot of money to start with. With automatic investing and low fees, it's an easy and accessible way to grow your wealth over time.

Invest in Cryptocurrency with Binance

Are you looking for a short-term investment opportunity to flip your $200? Consider investing in cryptocurrency with Binance. Binance is a popular platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs.

Double your money with crypto

Before investing, it's important to do your market research and understand the risks involved. Cryptocurrency is a volatile market and prices can fluctuate rapidly. Additionally, there are fees associated with buying and selling on Binance.

However, if you're keen on investing, Binance offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of investment options. You can choose to invest in a specific cryptocurrency or use Binance Earn to earn rewards through automated purchases.

It's important to be aware of potential scams in the cryptocurrency market. Always verify the legitimacy of any investment opportunity and be cautious of promises of high returns.

Investing in cryptocurrency can be a risky but potentially rewarding venture. With Binance, you can easily invest your $200 and potentially see a return in the short term.

Flip Things on Facebook Marketplace

If you're looking to make some extra cash, flipping items on Facebook Marketplace is a great way to do it. With just $200, you can start flipping furniture, electronics, and other used goods online.

To get started, create a Facebook account and search for items that are being sold in your area. Look for items that are in good condition but need minor repairs, as these can often be purchased for a low price and sold for a profit after a little bit of work.

When you find an item you're interested in, message the seller and ask if they're willing to negotiate on the price. If you can get the item for a lower price, you'll have more room to make a profit when you sell it.

Once you've purchased an item, take clear photos and write a detailed description of it. Be honest about any flaws or damage, as buyers appreciate transparency.

When setting a price, keep in mind that you want to make a profit, but you also want to be competitive with other sellers. Research similar items on Facebook Marketplace to get an idea of what they're selling for.

Overall, flipping items on Facebook Marketplace can be a fun and profitable online business. With a little bit of effort and some social media savvy, you can turn $200 into a nice chunk of change.

Sell Digital Products

If you're looking for a way to flip $200, selling digital products can be a great option. With print-on-demand services and online marketplaces, it's easier than ever to create and sell your own digital products. You can sell anything from ebooks to music to art and more.

To get started, think about what digital products you can create based on your skills and interests. If you're a writer, you can write an ebook. If you're a musician, you can create and sell your own music. If you're an artist, you can create and sell digital art.

Once you have your digital product, you can sell it on online marketplaces like Sellfy or Kindle Direct Publishing. You can also promote your product on social media to reach a wider audience. With the right marketing strategy, you can make a profit from selling digital products.

Selling digital products is a great way to start an online business with low overhead costs. You don't need to worry about inventory or shipping, and you can work from anywhere with an internet connection. With some effort and creativity, you can turn $200 into a profitable online business.

Flip Domain Names or Websites

If you're looking to flip $200, consider flipping domain names or websites. Domain flipping involves buying and selling domain names for a profit. You can purchase a domain name for a low price and sell it for a higher price. Similarly, website flipping involves buying a website, improving it, and selling it for a profit.

To get started, research popular domain names or websites that are in demand. Look for domain names or websites that are short, easy to remember, and have a high search volume. Once you find a domain name or website that you're interested in, purchase it for a low price.

Next, improve the domain name or website to increase its value. You can do this by adding content, improving the design, and optimizing it for search engines. Once you've improved the domain name or website, sell it for a higher price.

Domain name flipping and website flipping can be a profitable online business. With a low start-up cost, you can make money by investing your time and effort. Just remember to research and choose your domain names or websites wisely, and improve them to increase their value.

Try Retail Arbitrage

If you're looking to flip $200, retail arbitrage is a great option. Retail arbitrage involves buying products from retail stores and reselling them for a profit. One popular platform to sell items on is Amazon FBA. With Amazon FBA, you can send your products to Amazon's warehouse, and they will handle the shipping and customer service for you.

You can also sell items on eBay or other online marketplaces. Look for items that are on clearance or sale, and make sure to do your research on how much they sell for online before making a purchase. Garage sales and thrift stores can also be great places to find items to resell.

To maximize your profit, look for cash back opportunities and use a budget to keep track of your expenses. Make sure to factor in any fees or shipping costs when determining your profit margin.

Overall, retail arbitrage can be a fun and profitable way to make money with a small investment. Just remember to do your research and only buy items that you know you can sell for a profit.

Start a Blog or Niche Website

If you want to flip $200, starting a blog or niche website is a great way to go. It's not only a low-cost way to start an online business, but it can also be a profitable one.

First, choose a niche that you're passionate about. This could be anything from cooking to travel to fashion. Then, create a blog or website around that niche. You can use platforms like WordPress or Wix to build your site, which is easy and affordable.

Once your site is up and running, focus on creating high-quality content that appeals to your target audience. Use social media to promote your site and build a following. You can monetize your site through advertising revenue or affiliate marketing.

To increase your site's visibility, implement SEO strategies like using keywords and optimizing your site's structure. This will help your site rank higher in search engines and attract more visitors.

Starting a blog or niche website is a great way to flip $200 and turn it into a profitable online business. With dedication and hard work, you can create a successful site that generates income for years to come.

Buy Things to Rent

If you're looking for a side hustle that can make you some extra cash, consider buying things to rent out. Rental properties are a great investment, but if you don't have the funds to invest in real estate, there are other options.

One option is to rent out storage space. If you have a garage or basement that's not being used, you can rent it out to someone who needs extra storage space. You could also rent out a room in your home on Airbnb.

Another option is to buy a car or bicycle to rent out. You could rent out your car on Turo or your bike on Spinlister. Just make sure you have insurance and take precautions to protect your property.

Renting out items can be a great way to make money on the side. Just be sure to do your research and make sure you're charging enough to make a profit. With a little effort, you can turn your $200 investment into a profitable side hustle.