Games That Can Encourage Financial Discipline

Games That Can Encourage Financial Discipline

With notifications on your phone, desktop, and email consistently persuading you to press that buy button, it's more difficult than ever to exercise financial discipline.

There are plenty of self-help books and online tutorials which seek to provide people with guidance on this matter, but ultimately it all comes down to personal willpower and setting realistic savings goals.

However, while that hard-nosed approach is essentially the only truly effective way of ensuring you save for your future, there are some other innovative tools like games that you can use to help you on your way.

Some of them are employing gamification techniques which are now playing a huge part in the way adults acquire new skills and habits. Here are just some games that will hone your personal finance skills and make you a savvy cash manager.

Classic Games That'll Help You Manage Your Finances

While there are many brand spanking new brain training apps and games available on the market today, but some of the best games that will make you thriftier are those with long and famous histories.

Chess is one of these, requiring you to think multiple moves ahead rather than just gobbling up as many pawns as you can from the outset. Likewise, backgammon forces players to hold their horses for a moment and consider whether going full steam ahead is the correct course of action. Some card games are also well suited to this purpose. Poker is a great one in which you hone your patience and strategic thinking skills.

Of course, the game these days can be played both offline or online, with PokerStars even offering free ways to play, so you have a great way to get rolling without putting real money on the line. To that end, poker also requires players to exercise strict bankroll management, which is not a million miles away from exactly how savers would approach a 12-month savings plan. Another enchanting classic that very directly encourages you to think twice before you buy or sell an asset is Monopoly. Just remember that in real life, there is no get out of jail free card so stay prudent at all times.

Games and puzzles will sometimes help you piece together a sturdy savings plan

Puzzle Games

Half of the art of saving is having the ability to problem-solve so that instead of paying or buying your way out of a tricky situation, you find a solution that is either free of charge or infinitely more cost-effective.

Once again, there are excellent options both online and offline when it comes to puzzle games. Portal 2 continues to garner rave reviews as does Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Away from computers and phone screens, handheld games to try are Kanoodle Extreme and Money Maze, the latter adding a whole new dimension to the idea of squirreling money away.

Board Games

We did of course already mention some classic board games such as chess and backgammon, but there is a wealth of new and exciting board games that are tailormade for people looking to hone their money-saving prowess.

For a very dry and direct approach to saving strategies, there is CASHFLOW, a game developed by professional investors, that'll get you to think strategically about how and when you should invest your money.

If all that sounds like a bit of a downer, when all you want to do is relax and play a game with friends, there are options such as Modern Art and Catan.

Modern Art is a particularly interesting game, with players put in charge of a famous museum, ensuring that they win auctions for pieces that then go into exhibitions, and in turn attract enough visitors to earn a profit. It is a game that will certainly get you used to counting every last penny or cent left on the board.