Creating a Diversified Investment Portfolio

Creating a Diversified Investment Portfolio


A diversified investment portfolio is a great way to make your money work for you. Choosing a mixture of short and longer-term investments with varying amounts of risk gives you the best of both worlds, security and speculation. So how do you go about choosing the right investments and setting up your portfolio?

Choosing a Broker

Choosing an investment broker is all-important when setting up an investment portfolio. Companies such as Hantec Markets offer products like contracts for difference (CFDs), Foreign Exchange(Forex)and Bullion trading to present a great combination of options required in order to set up a diversified investment portfolio. Setting up an account is easy to do as it is all done online and in addition to receiving a digital trading platform you will receive first class help and advice about setting up your portfolio.

CFD Investments

CFDs track the performance of a number of global markets and therefore you can trade lots of different types of stocks and shares. Finding companies that are undervalued or who can consistently grow despite changes in the wider economic picture can provide rich pickings for CFD investors and would generally take the form of a medium to long term investment. In addition to this CFDs are a leveraged product, meaning that you only put in a small percentage of your own money into the investment. Leverage can be really useful to some investors as it gives them access to markets that, without leverage, they would be priced out of.
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