What small business owners like about Xero and Quickbooks

Small business owners looking to beef up their accounting operations and dive into new accounting software have some clear-cut choices in front of them, including the proven Quickbooks and the newcomer out of New Zealand, Xero.

Both offer high-tech — and accounting rich — features in the cloud, although many associate Quickbooks as an in-house product. Older versions of the software aren’t available on the cloud.

But the two apps are different in many ways. Those differences may not convince business owners to jump ship one way or the other, but they do exist. Let’s start with some basics:

Quickbooks has been the king of accounting software for some time now. It’s the standard that companies like Xero and other software makers are trying to overcome.

Xero is picking up ground. It already serves more than 300,000 individual small businesses each month. Based in New Zealand, it has already grown its US officer in San Francisco to 800 people, in hopes of getting more small business owners to recognize it as a viable alternative to QuickBooks.
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