How International Students Benefit From Academic English

There are a variety of reasons why any given person would want to learn English as a second language. The reasons vary depending on where a student is from and what the English will ultimately be used for. It’s easy to divide English language courses up into three different categories: general, academic, and business. All three areas are very popular, but academic English may be the most common type to find. Any student who wishes to study abroad in an English-speaking country stands to benefit from a quality Academic English program because of the exposure they receive to the language, the preparation they gain, and the improvement they will see with their English language skills.




The only way to truly learn a language well is to be properly exposed to it. Students need to hear the language, see the language, and practice the language in order to become more and more familiar with it. This is best done in a classroom where the teacher is speaking the language and other students are trying to communicate in the target language. An academic English course not only exposes students to the listening and speaking aspect of a language, but also focuses on reading and writing. In an English-speaking university students will be required to complete coursework, which means reading textbooks in English and writing papers in English. While general English language courses might do a little with reading and writing in English, academic English exposes the students to the types of language they are likely to see when they study at a university in an English-speaking country.
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