Weekly Round-Up: I’m Completely Stressed Out…

I’m going to be frank here: it’s been an incredibly stressful week.  I’ve mentioned that I have an upcoming court date on Tuesday related to my disability claims, for which I’ve been spending much of the ‘free’ time I have trying to do just about anything to prepare, including having my mother (a lifetime worker at the Social Security Administration) over for the weekend.  (Not that that is the only reason she’s here, but it is a bonus.)

That alone would occupy most of my time and attention, but my mother-in-law also went in for surgery on Friday, developed an infection, and is, as of the writing of this article, currently in the hospital recovering.  (She’s currently doing alright, but as you imagine, this is far from the ideal situation.)  My wife has had to spend most of her past three days at the hospital as well, watching out for her mother and helping care for her, which is all the more fun with a 14 month old baby staying at home with me… (Luckily, with my mother to help me.)

All of this combines to make one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in recent memory.  So, I’m doing things a bit differently with the round-up this week.  Rather than link to particular articles, since I haven’t had a chance to read through most of the articles posted by my fellow bloggers anyway, I thought I would simply link to some of my favorite blogs and give you a chance to read them on your own.  If you are a regular reader, you’ve seen articles from these blogs shared before, but it’s worth checking out the blogs themselves.  So, rather than the Great Yakezie Posts, today we’re going to start with

Great Yakezie Blogs

Life and My Finances – A good and interesting blog from Derek covering a variety of topics.

The College Investor – A solid blog aimed at college students, with an emphasis on what investments are currently good options.

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance – Barbara provides great insight into money-management, while sharing lots of helpful information.

Squirrelers – A great, thought-provoking blog with a very unique name (and cute icon).

Consumerism Commentary – An excellent blog that looks at the act of being a consumer and how to become a smarter one.

My Personal Finance Journey – Jacob writes a great and thoughtful blog (plus, he runs a giveaway at least once every month!)

My Wife Quit Her Job – If you’re looking to start a blog (or any other online business), this is one of the first places to visit.

My Journey to Millions – Evan is a great guy, and his blog is a must-read in my book.

KrantCents – KrantCents is an interesting and rather unique blog which is definitely worth a read.

Yakezie.com – I can hardly end a list of great Yakezie blogs without mentioning the Yakezie blog itself, right?

Other Great Blogs

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – A former Yakezie member, Crystal continues to share excellent posts on her blog.

Lazy Man and Money – A great blog name (and icon), and excellent articles over the years.

Weakonomics – A thought-provoking view of the economic perspective on some of the days’ biggest events.

Clever Dude – A funny blog with interesting money topics; what more do you need?

Money Manifesto – Formerly Money Life and More, an excellent blog with very useful subject matter.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

Now as we close out this out-of-the-ordinary round-up, here are some carnivals that have been thoughtful enough to include my article on 8 Considerations When Starting to Invest:

Alright, that’s (more than) enough for this week.  I’ve got a great deal to do, so I’ll leave it at this and wish you all a great week!

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