Weekly Round-Up: I’m a Whole New Man (Without a Beard)

Here’s an interesting factoid for all you would-be fathers: your baby will become very attached to any face hair that you have.  Not only will your beard and/or mustache serve as one of your child’s favorite playthings, but it will prove to be a major means for her or him to identify you.  Without your beard, mustache, goatee or Van Dyke, your kid may simply not know who you are.

I discovered this on Thursday.  I was preparing for a video job fair (more about that on Monday, by the way) and trying to make myself look presentable in case I did any video camera interviewing; long story short, I cut off too much hair and ended up shaving myself clean.  Later that day, I came into the room where my daughter was playing on the floor.  She heard daddy’s voice, looked up, saw my clean-shaven face, and…broke into tears.

Yes, when her daddy lost the face hair she was used to, she was completely caught off guard and didn’t recognize me at all.  For the rest of the day (and much of yesterday), she was incredibly nervous around me, even though I am still her daddy.  Luckily, she had gotten used to my new look (mostly) by the time she went to sleep yesterday, but for a while there, she just didn’t know who I was and acted accordingly.

So, that’s my fun story for the week.  (I wish I had some happy news to share about a certain government shutdown, but as of this writing, there’s still nothing solid.)  Now, as I continue to work to let my baby know that I am, in fact, her father rather than a clean-shaven stranger, you can enjoy some great blog entries to keep yourself happy and entertained, starting with these

Great Yakezie Posts

Teaching Basic Money Skills for the Greater Good – I’ve been saying for a while that we need to teach more personal finance skills to younger people, and Squirrelers apparently agrees with me.

8 Steps to Creating a Diversified Asset Classes Portfolio – It might sound quite difficult to make a diversified portfolio, but Barbara Friedberg lays the process out in easy eight steps.

How to Cut Your Christmas Costs This Year – Christmas tends to be an expensive time if you are giving generously; luckily, the Canadian Finance Blog gives you some methods to keep your costs to a minimum.

Pros and Cons of Automation – With the robots on the verge of taking over the world, it’s good that Don of Money Reasons can shares what is good (and bad) about the process.

How to Know It’s Time to Quit Your Job – I know most of you probably are thinking ‘Right After I Started to Work’ but Prairie Eco-Thrifter lays out some useful factors to consider before calling it quits.

Other Great Posts

The NSA’s Power From a Petty Theft in Baltimore – It might be hard to believe, but the reason the NSA’s actions are actually legal is a simple purse snatching, as noted by the Weakonomist.

4 Vacation Spots You’ve Never Heard of But Should Visit – I’ll admit, this is a bit ahead of the game for most of my readers (as well as me), but these suggestions from Young Adult Finances are definitely worth considering.

If a Government Shutdown Causes an Economic Crisis, Will You Be Ready? – I don’t think it’s likely, but if a crisis does occur, following these suggestions from Frugal Rules will let you prepare.

Contests and Giveaways

As always, let me know if you have contests to promote, as I’m happy to share with my readers.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

You always need to have money if you’re going to have a good retirement, which might be why my article on 4 Sources of Income in Retirement was featured in so my carnivals:

Alright, that’s it for this week.  Here’s hoping that by this time next week, I’ll have a daughter who is used to my new look (or that I’ll have regrown my Van Dyke, which my wife is definitely encouraging).  Until then, have a great week, and enjoy all the wonderful personal finance articles out there!


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