Weekly Round-Up: Happy July 4th!

Well, it’s July 4th once again.  For all of you here in the United States, I hope that you can spend the day with your family, enjoying the time off (assuming you have the time off, of course), and generally having a good time.  (Just watch  your driving; as with almost any holiday, there’s an unfortunate rise in traffic accidents during the Fourth of July.)  As long as you’re careful, though, it should be a good day.

Here’s hoping you live somewhere you can watch a nice fireworks display; it’d be a shame to spend the holiday not seeing some colorful explosions

For all my non-American readers, here’s hoping you have a productive Wednesday as you wonder why all the Americans you know (online or through other connections) have spent the day, and probably most of the week, being much less productive than usual.  If it makes you feel any better, you can spend the time reading through some of the good blog articles from last week, including:

Good Yakezie Posts

Winners and Losers of Obamacare Hooray! – With just about everyone talking about the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act (or as just about everyone seems to prefer calling it, ‘Obamacare’) last week, it’s appropriate I include at least article covering the aftermath.  The Financial Samurai, with his usual sense of humor and wit, lists the winners and losers from the ruling; while I don’t think fast food companies are particularly big winners, nor nutrition stores losers, you can get a decent idea of the REAL winners and losers by viewing the last groups listed in each category.

 Supreme Court: No Overtime for Pharmacy Reps.  WHAAAAH. – Just in case you thought the Supreme Court only ruled on the Affordable Care Act last week, here’s Darwin’s Money to prove you wrong.  Apparently, pharmacy sales representatives wanted overtime pay for the time they had to put into doing their job outside meeting with doctors in the doctors’ offices; given that some of the places they would meet include dinners and golf courses, it’s hard to feel too much sympathy for them…

 The 3 X’s of Success – More accurately, the 3 Ex’s of Success, but KrantCents’ latest edition in his alphabet of professional and monetary success is quite ex-cellent.  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)  As always, expect some solid advice on how to exceed, from making it as an ex-employee to learning how to ex-ceed the expectations (this time I wasn’t even trying) of yourself and those with whom you work.

 Asset Allocation Strategy-What We Can Learn From Rules of Thumb – One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when investing is how to split (or ‘allocate’) your money into different investment types, most notably stocks and bonds (or mutual funds that invest in each).  Here, the Accumulator over on Monevator goes through some of the most famous rules on how to allocate your invested wealth, looking at several different suggestions before reminding us that rules of thumb shouldn’t be confused with rules.

What the Hell is Wrong with People?  Emergency Funds Vs. Smart Phones – Evan of My Journey to Millions doesn’t rant that much, but when he does, he gets going pretty well.  The number of people who (a) have smart phones and (b) don’t have emergency funds is depressingly large in this country.  (Although, not knowing how much overlap there is, perhaps there’s still some hope…)


Contests and Giveaways

The voting for the 4th Yakezie Writing Contest is currently ongoing; if you’d like the opportunity to read through some great articles by high school students looking to further their education and then decide which of them will receive some financial help, be sure to read along and vote!

Be sure to check out The College Investor Summer iPad Giveaway; it’s not hard to see why those things are becoming so popular, and here’s your chance to get one for free!

If you want to win a copy of a book by Andrew Darbyshire, check out his interview on Eventual Millionaire.

Where The Amateur Financier was Featured

My post on luck, cleverly entitled What’s Luck Got to Do With It?, was featured in the latest Totally Money Blog Carnival, hosted on Mortgages by Mark.

Alright, that’s it for now; I’ve got to get back to preparing for hours of grilling, relaxing with family, and enjoying fireworks.  Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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