Weekly Round-Up: The Fun Keeps Coming…

I intended to have this post up yesterday, to get back to a normal posting schedule (give or take) now that my court date and the numerous other issues I’ve been facing during this past week were resolved.  I’ve made my case, I handled the other issues, and I even had a few days to relax and catch my breath, so it was time for everything to settle down and my life to get back to normal (or what passes as normal for me, I suppose), right?

The short answer, apparently, is No.

Apparently, that’s not what the universe had in mind.  [Warning: Unpleasant medical information ahead.]   My wife Sondra has had what appeared to be a small bruise on her side for about the past week, but over the past few days it was getting bigger and a lot more painful. We ended up going in to the doctor, who figured out it was a bacterial infection and drained it, putting anti-bacterial strips into the abscess.  Sondra has to go in to have these strips removed and smaller ones put in as the abscess heals.  It is, to put it mildly, incredibly unpleasant, and I’m saving you from the truly disturbing portions…[end medical-based traumatization]

So, this weekend turned out to be as busy as the last one, if not for the same reason.  All her medical treatment has left Sondra in pretty beat-up shape, so I’ve had to be even more on my toes than usual when it comes to taking care of everything around the house.  This has decreased my available blog time, which is all a long way of saying that this Round-Up is a bit later than usual.  Let’s not delay any more, though, and get right into the

Great Yakezie Posts

5 Things the Marathon Taught Me About Goals – Marathons are good metaphors for long-term investments, and Stefanie of Prairie Eco-Thrifter shares some advice learned from running in one herself.

How to Invest If You Don’t Make Much Money – It’s tempting to blow off investing by saying that you have little money available, but as The College Investor notes, there are ways around that.

7 Underhanded Tactics for a Frugal Valentine’s Day – I know Valentine’s Day is past, but most of these suggestions from Retire By 40 make good plans for a frugal date night anytime.

Insider Trading: What It is and How to Fight It – An interesting guest post on My Journey to Millions, sharing some insight into a concept you’ve likely heard mentioned, but may not fully understand.

Saving Our Daughters From Bad Men and a Life of Misery – This Financial Samurai aritcle on daughters and the losers they (often) end up with is definitely worth a read for any parent with daughters.

Other Great Posts

Dear Citizens – Sometimes banks are exceedingly annoying (to put it mildly); here, Joe Taxpayer shares his troubles with one Citizens Bank and his numerous accounts there.

Two Bothersome Commercials – There’s always some interesting commercials on during the Olympics, but as the Weakonomist notes, interesting doesn’t always mean good…

10 Things You Could Do Instead Of Buying This Louis Vuitton Purse – With a $980 price tag, this purse will set you back quite a bit,  and Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses reminds us that that money could be put to other purposes.

This Just In: Men Prefer Sex to a Valentine’s Day Gift – Not a surprise, but some of the other changes in how we celebrate this holiday, as laid out on Surviving and Thriving, are pretty interesting.

Will You See the Collapse of America? – An interesting post by Crystal of Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, although it’s definitely not one I can easily answer…

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

Apparently I wasn’t the only person with interest in the Rolling Jubilee, as my post on Debt, the Secondary Debt Market, and the Rolling Jubilee was included in several carnivals:

Alright, that’s it from me for this Round-Up; here’s hoping that this coming week is great for everyone reading this.  (For me and my family, it won’t take much to get it up there, at least compared to this past week.)  Have a great one!

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