Weekly Round-Up: Budget Resolved! (For Now…)

The big news this week in the economic sphere (and the political sphere, and the business sphere, and well, just about every news sphere here in the United States) was the resolution of the government shutdown/deficit ceiling increase.  So, yay, the government is functioning again!  (Well, it’s functioning as well as it ever does…but that’s a subject for a political blogger to cover.)

There’s not a whole lot that I have to say in regards to this issue; I laid out some basic thoughts two weeks ago in my only rant on the subject, and that’s not much new that I have to say.  If you wish to look into the matter further, from an economic or (far more common, unfortunately) political viewpoint, there are so, so, SO many sources out there that you can check out.

As for me, I’d rather be writing about the loss of my beard (side note: it’s growing back pretty well, and I should have a solid beard regenerated within the next week or so) and sharing some good posts from the last week.  Speaking of which, it’s time to share some of the great posts from the past week, starting with

Great Yakezie Posts

5 Benefits of Skipping Out on College – While it’s considered all but required nowadays, college is far from necessary, and Derek of Life and My Finances shares some advantages of skipping it.

5 Ways Your Social Media Accounts Gamble With Your Finances – Your behavior on sites like Facebook and Twitter can affect more than your personal life, as The College Investor shares.

Should You Take a Job That Requires You To Travel? – Jobs that require travel have their own set of considerations, as Prairie Eco-Thrifter notes; consider carefully before taking them.

Driving vs. Flying: How to Choose – A detailed look from Squirrelers that attempts to answer the age-old travel question: Which method is really the most economical?

I Hate Tests! – While noting a sentiment that most of us can share, Krantcents discusses how testing does not end when we get our of school, as much as we want it to.

Other Great Posts

What is the Rule of 72? – It’s probably old hat to most of my readers, but if you’re new to the investing game, the Rule of 72 can be a useful mathematical tool, as Don of My Dollar Plan explains.

7 Deadly Shopping Sins to Avoid – I wouldn’t go as far as calling them ‘deadly’, but these sins can end up costing you plenty, as Kendal of Hassle-Free Savings points out on Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses.

10 Unique Halloween Treats the Kids Love-But Rarely Get! – You might have guessed it, but ‘fun-sized’ candy bars aren’t the tops on kids’ Halloween wish lists; these treats noted by Len Penzo are!

Contests and Giveaways

That’s all I know of for this week; if you have a giveaway you’d like to share, please pass it along!

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

My article covering 6 Investment Strategies to Generate Retirement Income was a popular one, being featured in numerous carnivals, such as:

That’s it for this week.  Hopefully there won’t be any new political hailstorms to report on next week.  (Although, it sounds like we’re scheduled to hit the debt ceiling again in February, and need to pass a budget again before that, so it won’t be too long before we have an issue like this).  Regardless of what political issues may come, I hope that everyone reading this has a great week next week and a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy!

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