My Wedding Day

It has been a truly unusual week this week.  From having a seizure last Thursday (and a few more into Friday) to spending most of my Spring ‘Break’ this week trying to deal with the aftermath of said seizures, there’s been little over the past seven days that went according to what I was expecting last Wednesday.

I suppose my wedding should be no different.  Since I now face a substantial move from my current apartment to an on-campus apartment to accommodate the fact that I can no longer drive, this weekend, which had been allotted to our honeymoon, is now going to be spent packing up all my things from one apartment and moving them to the new one.  It’s not exactly the most romantic of situations, nor how I wanted to spend the first few days after our wedding.

Of course, the wedding itself wasn’t supposed to be this week; we had originally planned a more elaborate wedding for June, but decided that, given our current lack-luster financial state, that we would simply elope and save ourselves the expense.  It hasn’t been the most popular of ideas, at least with my family (my mother’s side of my family, in particular, are big fans of large, fancy weddings, as well as little babies).  But I just have one thing I want to say today:

I, Roger Lee Raby Jr., Love Sondra Nicole Masters.  I want her to be my wedded wife for the rest of my life.  She has been there for me through thick and thin, and in this past week, among other times, she has been a solid rock supporting me while life around me has simply been overwhelming.  I cannot wait to call her my wife.

Thank you, my dear readers, for putting up with what has been a less than overly productive week this week; I promise that next week, I’ll be feeling at least a little bit better, and will be able to get back on the saddle with my blogging.  For now, though, I’m going to enjoy my time with the most wonderful girl I’ve ever known.

I love you, Sondra.

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