Is it Time for a Retirement Plan ?

Have you ever thought about retirement plans ? If yes, then I am sure few of the questions which surround your thinking cloud are : is it too late/early to start saving for retirement ? or when should I start saving for my retirement ? The answer is the TIME IS NOW !! Not investing now is simply helping you fall the down the ladder of financial independence rather than helping you climb the ladder. Below are a few tips which can help you enjoy your retirement without any hassles :

  1. Do not wait : There is no right time to start saving for retirement. You can start saving as soon as you start earning. The mantra is not to wait and save before you spend. A few bucks now can give you thousands in future. As rightly said by Warren Buffet: “Do not save what is left after SPENDING but spend what if left after SAVING.” Often, wealthy people are the ones who invest first and the ones with money issues are the ones who actually spend first.
  1. Save and Forget: I would suggest not to save if you are going to withdraw your savings after a short span. If you really expect your investment to make money, the key  is to save and forget. There should not be any need to touch your saving unless there is an urgent requirement. $100 invested now can become almost $12000 in a span of 50 years. That is how big the power of the number of years is.
  1. Do not commit all to one boat: If you plan on saving a big amount, one suggestion is not to invest only in one saving plan. It is always recommended to hold a diverse portfolio. Mutual Fund, Stock Market, Government saving schemes are just a few where you can put your money.
  1. Stay Healthy: There is no point of saving if you are not alive or healthy enough to enjoy your retirement. It is important for you to be healthy and active always. No matter og what age you are, 18 or 50, health should be the ultimate goal. After all, health is the real wealth.

So what are we waiting for ? Pick up your phone and book an appointment with your financial adviser NOW. Meanwhile, also be ready with the answers such as how much and for how long to invest.



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