The Best is Yet to Come

This weekend, I passed a major milestone, one I’ve been working towards to the best of my ability since nearly the beginning of the year.  (Technically, it’s one I’ve been working towards since I started this humble blog, but one that I became aware of and started to actively work towards only earlier this year.)  If you’ve been reading The Amateur Financier for any sizable length of time, you’ve probably heard me mention the Samurai Alexa Challenge, the attempt by Financial Samurai to boost himself and a group of other interested bloggers into a personal finance force, by focusing on increasing their Alexa rankings.  (You can read more about the challenge, the rankings, and how to improve your own Alexa standings from this guest post by The Investor.)

I joined, back when my ranking was in the mid 500,000s, setting my sights on the lowest hurdle in the challenge: boosting my rank to 200,000.  As of this weekend (Sunday, in particular), I’ve made it to my goal.  Yes, my rank is now higher than 200,000!  In the course of just over two months, I’ve managed to go from 568,000 to 199,000, increasing my blog rating by 369,000 ranks or so.  I’ll admit, I feel very proud of myself and my blog for coming so far.

Celebratory Fireworks!
Celebratory Fireworks!

But as the title of this post says, the best is yet to come.  Now that I’m in the top 200,000 sites on the web, the next step is clear: setting my sights even higher, looking at that next rung, and trying to climb high.  I know that the higher my Alexa ranking becomes, the more difficult it will be to boost it even higher; as with any competitive event (and creating quality websites has definitely become competitive over the years), the higher you climb in the rankings, the fiercer the competition.  (Financial Samurai himself is a perfect illustration of this; in the period my blog moved up 369,000 rankings, his blog moved up 35,000 rankings, from 74,000 at the start of the challenge to 39,000 today.)

I have no doubt that I’ll succeed, though; this challenge and the sense of accomplishment it has given me has left me feeling confident and motivated, more so than almost any experience I’ve had since I’ve begun blogging.  (Although, having my blog entry quoted on MSN is definitely a strong contender.)  I’m still a ways away from conquering the blogging world or giving up my job search and settling down as a full-time, professional blogger (although, that latter suggestion sounds more and more tempting every day), but with more effort and time, I’m sure I’ll only get closer each and every day.

But I won’t do it alone.  If nothing else, this Alexa challenge has shown me that it’s only as a group that we who send out our thoughts into the ether of cyberspace can succeed.  So, allow me to end this celebratory post with a few thank-yous to those of you who have helped make this moment possible.  (I’ll do my best to keep from getting too sappy on you all, but I make no promises.)

First, thanks to you, Financial Samurai.  This Alexa challenge is one of the most unique events I’ve ever encountered, and it’s brought together a diverse group of bloggers in a spirit of cooperation and mutual help that’s rare to see anywhere nowadays, let alone in the wilds of the Internet.  Keep up the good work, my friend, and keep setting the bar high so the rest of us have something for which we can aim.

Thanks also to all of my fellow Yakezie members.  I know that many of you have already zoomed past the 200,000 ranking (including those of you who were much higher at the start of this challenge), and to you I say, good job; but watch your backs, because I’m coming up fast!  To those of you who are still striving towards 200,000, remember this: anything is possible, as long as you keep working diligently and doing your best.  I’ve visited many of your blogs, and I’m always impressed at the level of writing and quality of the sites I see.  Keep up the excellent work, and soon I’ll be the one who has to watch his back!

A most gracious thanks to everyone who has featured, tweeted, written about, or otherwise promoted my blog.  It’s thanks in no small part to all of you and your help in getting the word out that I’ve managed to reach this point.  Personal finance writing is, as I discovered well after creating my blog, one of the most competitive areas of writing on the web, and it’s only because I’ve had friends willing to give me a boost that I’ve grown above being an obscure writer working on a blog nobody’s ever read into the powerhouse I currently am becoming.  Thanks for the boost, and here’s hoping I can continue to boost others in turn.

Finally, to all my readers, the biggest thanks of all.  I realize that many of you fall into the previously listed categories, but just in case you haven’t, allow me to say that it’s because of the encouragement I get from knowing that my posts are read and appreciated that I can keep writing everyday and trying to help others to understand and appreciate money.  Let me just say one last little thing:

Truly, the best is yet to come.

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