Sucré New Orleans Macarons Review and Giveaway!

Thanks for all the entries; the giveaway is over, and I’d like to thank everyone who entered!

I’ve learned a lot from having a chef for a wife. From the proper way to prepare cookie dough from scratch to the meaning of sous-chef (the second-in-command of the kitchen, and my official title in my wife’s kitchen), there’s quite a lot you learn when you spend a lot of time near the chef. One of the biggest things is just how much time and effort can be involved with even seemingly simple treats.

Treats such as macarons. (Not macaroons, a distinct dessert item that is usually composed of lightly baked coconut, although my spell-check seems to think that’s the case.) You might think it’s a simple little snack, but they’re actually tougher to create than they look. They’re also more delicious than they look (if that’s possible). That’s why when I was given the chance to review delicious macarons and give a gift of macarons to one of my readers, I eagerly took it.

Sucré New Orleans Macarons Review

The company that made this generous giveaway offer, Sucré New Orleans, specializes in delicious desserts, like chocolates, candied nuts, and most recently, king cakes.  (You can hardly be a New Orleans sweets company without providing a traditional Mardi Gras day treat like king cakes, I imagine.)  For my family and I, we ordered the macarons, and they arrived shortly afterwards (about three days later) in a cute little box:

It was hard to resist opening the box long enough to take this picture
It was hard to resist opening the box long enough to take this picture

The specific macaron order was for The Signature Macaron Collection, a grouping with a wide variety of delectable little morsels.  In case you think they overly staged the macarons before taking that picture, here’s a look at our package moments after opening:

The macarons in all their glory
The macarons in all their glory

Now, of course, with such tasty treats right in front of us, my wife and I could hardly be blamed for wanting to eat as soon as possible, right?

Can't Resist - NOM NOM NOM!
Can’t Resist – NOM NOM NOM!

From the very first bite, the macarons were incredibly tasty and very light.  I’ll admit, I hadn’t really had macarons before, but I’m very impressed by how delicious they were.  So was the rest of my family, because those macarons didn’t make it two days before being fully devoured.

The last one, after less than two days...
The last one, after less than two days…

Overall: Sucré New Orleans is a very impressive site, and their macarons are simply delectable; I’d definitely recommend them for anyone seeking tasty treats.  The prices are a bit high for a regular dessert (at thirty dollars for fifteen macarons, for example), but I think that I might have found a source for some special gifts for future anniversaries and birthdays.  Possibly even for Christmas, as well, which is certainly coming up shortly.

Giveaway Time!

Alright, so by now, I imagine that your mouth is watering (mine certainly is).  If you’d like a chance to win The Signature Collection of Macarons yourself, it’s pretty easy to do; just meet these qualifications:

  • Leave a Dessert-Related Comment: For a chance to win, you’ll need to leave a comment that shares your favorite dessert.  For some possibilities, feel free to check out Shop Sucré to get some great ideas, or consider your normal Thanksgiving treats (they’re coming tomorrow, after all).
  • Live in the Continental United States: Sorry, but you you need to live within shipping distance of Sucré to win.
  • Not be a Previous Winner of a Sucré Contest (Within the Past Year): Sucré wants to share the wealth, so if you won in the past year, you need to hold off from this contest.  (Don’t worry, I’ll try to talk them into another contest soon, maybe for those king cakes…)

That’s all you need to do for a chance to win some delicious macarons.  If you’d like some additional chances, you can follow my Facebook Page, my Twitter feed, or tweet about the contest to spread the word.  (You can tweet once a day, if you want to increase your chances.)  Just make sure that you do so before midnight on December 14th, because that when this contest will end.  The winner should get their prize well before Christmas, with plenty of time to enjoy; although, if you want any to savor on the holiday yourself, you’ll need to have more restraint than me.

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A final note: In case you don’t win and still want a chance to enjoy delicious macarons without the expense, Sucré has created an illustrated macaron recipe.  It’s not the easiest of recipes, but it makes a decent alternative.  Consider it another option.

All Images from Roger Raby (that’s me!) and Sucré New Orleans

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