New or Used: Finding Deep Discounts When Buying Your Next Vehicle

No one wants to pay the sticker price when they are buying a car or truck, but not all of us are that confident about how to go about negotiating the best possible deal for your wheels.

Learning about the Car Buying Strategies Rebate Center is a good starting point in your mission to find some deep discounts, and there are a number of other ideas and methods that can help to knock some serious cash sums off the price of your next vehicle.

Gaining the upper hand

In order to put yourself on the front foot and gain the upper hand before you even start negotiating with a car salesman, aim to have all the information you need to make a decision and also arm yourself with a savvy negotiating strategy.

On the other side of that imaginary battle line is a salesman who is pinning his hopes on the fact that you don’t have much of an idea what sort of markup they might be working with and other important factors such as what discounts are available and what is fair amount to pay each month for any loan that you need.

If you want to gain the upper hand from the beginning, which is crucial, make sure you get the inside track on what you should be paying and exactly what you want, so that you have a plan and a strategy to work to.

Show constraint

A good bit of advice is to work out exactly how much you have to spend and what you can realistically afford.

Knowing your limit on what you can spend on a new vehicle in terms of deposit and monthly payments if you are doing a finance deal, will be a good discipline and a way of making sure you don’t sign up for a deal that you later regret as it is more than you wanted to spend.

When it comes to buying a car, what the dealer paid for the car is valuable intel that shows you what room there is for negotiation.

There are various online valuation services that can tell you what the likely invoice price is for a model or if the vehicle is pre-owned, what others are paying for the same make and model on average.

Your negotiating target is often to end up paying somewhere in between the invoice price and the average transaction price reported. That way you know you will often be getting a fair deal.

Don’t be tempted to go beyond your price constraints.

Timing matters

If you walk into a car showroom on the first day of a new month, the odds are that you are less likely to get such a good deal on your car than if you walk in on the last weekend of that same month.

The reason for this is that most showrooms will have salesmen working to sales targets. Their commission payments can often depend on whether they make these targets, so you have more chance of getting some decent dollars shaved off the price if you get your timing right and turn up at a point when they are trying to make their quotas for the month.

You might have to go through a process of getting referred to a sales manager to see how steadfast you are about holding out for the best price, but if you can stick to your guns, you may end up being pleased that you did.

What discounts are available?

There are a number of things that can influence how much discount you might be able to get and whether there is room for negotiation.

If you are interested in buying a used car, the amount of discount you are able to get might be determined by things such as how long the car has been for sale on the lot and what they paid for the car in the first place.

Ask a few industry insiders and they will probably reluctantly tell you that a typical pricing strategy would be to offer very little discount on a car that has only been offered for sale for thirty days.

A salesman won’t be in too much of a rush to offer a deep discount on a car that they are still hopeful of selling at a good price, but if you can be patient and prepared to gamble a bit, if the car is still there a couple of months on, there is a much better chance that you will be able to drive down the price with a deep discount.

A few good strategies and a disciple approach to car buying, will often see you get a better deal than you first thought possible.

Alexander Black has bought, and sold so many cars in his lifetime, and is always been asked by friends and family members to help them get a good deal too. He is now sharing his knowledge online.


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