Net Worth Update: May 2011

Happy May Day, everyone!  Here’s hoping that everyone is ready for Spring to be here in full force.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m more than happy for the April showers to finally give way to some May flowers.  Even though it means that I’ll have to do a great deal more yard work (I spent a good portion of yesterday mowing the yard, amongst other tasks), I’m still ready to see Spring get here in full force.

Of course, April has been a very, very busy one for me.  It’s nearly the end of the semester,which means that I’ve been incredibly busy with reports, papers, and preparing for tests.  Sometimes I wonder how I manage to get everything done (although, perhaps I should make sure I make it through the last week and one half of the semester before I claim to get everything done).  It’s going to be tough, but I think that I should be alright; worst case, I end up slightly more insane than I am already.

On the subject of busy months, this April was also a pretty interesting one, money-wise.  There’s quite a few changes to my financial standing (mostly for the good), but why am I still talking when I can show you?

So, investments are up (quite a bit, actually) and savings are down a bit as I’ve used some money to pay off some credit card debt.  The most change is in my debts.  I’ve paid off my Mastercard, cut down the amount of my American Express debt significantly, and took out more money in student loans.  As a result, my debts stayed fairly stable.  Similarly, my Alexa ranking seems to be hovering around the same value that it has for the past few months.  The more things change, the more they stay the same, I suppose.  Still, seeing a bump in my net worth, even a fairly small one, is a nice change of pace.

Now, when it comes to my passive income, that’s where things get interesting:

As you can see, my alternate income is well above what I’ve been earning the past few months.  Now, a lot of that is one-off income; agreements made to display ads in my blog’s sidebar for X months in exchange for Y payment.  So, there’s a fair to high change that next month, I won’t pull in quite so much money (although, I’m hopeful that when the semester is over and I have some time to myself again, that I’ll be able to expand my alternate income sources).  It also means that, along with the money I’ve withdrawn in my student loans, I’ve got quite a bit of money I want to donate to the less fortunate, and hence, the high levels of my charitable goals and my need to still work to get there.

Still, that’s hardly the worst problem in the world to have.  I’m quite happy about where my finances stand right now. Here’s hoping May is even better, money wise.

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