Happy Fourth of July!

Well, it is the Fourth of July once again.  For those of you outside the US, there’s probably not much to distinguish today from any other Monday in the summer: hot (or cold, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere) and filled with work, commutes, and all the normal fun of a Monday.

For those of us in the United States, though, it’s the time of year when we take a day off, consider all the effort and consideration that went into creating this great nation, and set off some fireworks.  Mostly the fireworks, though.

That’s why, on this day of celebration, I have just one reminder to share with my fellow Americans (man, it makes me feel presidential just writing that): Don’t Blow Yourself (Or Any Part of Yourself) Up Today.  Even beyond the obvious pain (and, if your family is anything like mine, probable humiliation and mockery), there’s the potential cost of going to the hospital to get various parts of your body repaired or replaced.  Plus, you can avoid getting saddled with an embarrassing nickname like ‘Stumpy’ or ‘Idiot Who Blew Up His Hand With A Firework’ (some nicknames are more creative than others).

Fireworks: Fun to Watch, Not So Fun to Have Blow Up In Your Face

If you can do this, you should have a great Fourth of July.  Here’s hoping you have a great holiday, spend plenty of time with friends and family, and avoid any deforming injuries during your celebration.  Enjoy the holiday!

(And don’t worry, once the holiday is over, I’ll be back to my normal personal finance advice dispensing ways, as opposed to general safety advice.  I just wanted to have a little Fourth of July fun, and maybe get people to think twice about shooting off so dang many fireworks.  Enjoy the holiday!)

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