Currently Dealing with a Hacking/Malware Problem

 Great News, Everyone!  The Hacking Issue Discussed in this post has been resolved!  Sorry for any worry this post may have caused you, but it’s better to let others know what is going on in such situations, I feel.  Welcome back to an un-hacked site!

I’m not eager to admit it, but I’ve been hacked again.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as last time (which you may recall, took down my entire site), but it some ways that’s even worse.  You see, there was some malware installed on my blog that caused of my older posts/pages/search results to direct users to sales sites for…questionable medicine suppliers.  (No, I have no intention of listing the ‘medicines’ they are trying to sell; if you have any familiarity with spam and the ‘medicine’ it advertises, you can guess the ‘medicines’ this malware was using my blog to promote.)  That led to a great number of Google results for ‘ & [Name of Horrible ‘Medicine’]’ to show up numerous pages on my blog.

Compromised Blog Examples
As shown here

As you can guess, this is less than good.  Such results can cause Google (and other search engines, although let’s be honest, Google reigns supreme in that area) to think that your site is compromised, which is sadly true, and can do tremendous damage to your Google ranking, among other issues.  It is a pretty disturbing issue, to say the least.

So, I’m in the process of getting this resolved.  Until then, I’d suggest you don’t spend too much time on this site, as I can’t guarantee that your computer will be safe.  (Although, I think that I have things largely under control, so I might have things up and running properly before you even get this message. *fingers crossed*)  Also, you might have noticed re-posting of the articles from the past week; I uploaded a backup I had created last week as part of the attempt to get rid of the malware, so you may be getting repostings of past articles.

I’m sorry for all of this, but I’m trying to take care of things as soon as possible (and then some).  Thanks for understanding, and watch your RSS reader, Twitter Feed, or Facebook Account to see when things have been resolved.  See you (with a fully functional blog) soon!

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