The most important skills you can bring into your business currently are probably computing and information. They run through the company like nerves through a human body, and your computing talent affects everything. A good tech team keeps your sensitive information safe, improve the efficiency of your systems through every department, and ensure you have a healthy web presence and integrate well with the programs and apps your customers use.

The right tech team can give the edge you need to get ahead, if only by making it easier for your customers to use your services. Getting the right team starts at the top. If you find a CTO with the right qualities, you can trust they’ll put together the team you need.

How to Look

Firstly, this is a specialised position and it’s more than usually helpful to draw on the experience of a specialist recruiter. Higher IT skills are still arcane to most and going to a high level recruiter like Savannah Search will give you an edge in the hunt for the best person.

Talking to a specialist recruiter like Heather Barnes, you will be able to discuss exactly what you need, taking into account your business model and your plans over the next few years. They can consult the networks they maintain of highly skilled staff to find a pool of attractive candidates.

What to Look For

Good engineering experience: you’re going to want someone in charge who understands the issues involved in building new software for you. They can give accurate estimates of what is possible and when it can be done. A CTO who has more of a background in management may not be able to act as a direct authority in the same way.

Communication skills: it’s a cliche for IT staff to be awkward members of the team, who don’t get on easily with the rest of the company. This is not inevitable, and you can avoid it. If you hire a head of department who can communicate well, explaining the issues behind what they’re doing, and take feedback from others you can encourage those values to filter down through the rest of the team.

A network: no one can know everything. A CTO with a history of connections in the industry has developers they can call on, both to fill out their team, and if your business encounters an unexpected emergency.


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