What Does Checked Baggage Insurance Cover?

What Does Checked Baggage Insurance Cover?

You have planned for this trip since months and finally, the day comes when you and your loved ones board the flight to your destination. Imagine what would happen if you don’t baggage doesn’t arrive with you at the airport? All your clothes, extra footwear, etc are lost. This is where checked baggage insurance comes to the rescue. Travel insurance and credit card companies reimburse you for all the lost items.

Here are a few ways you could claim your baggage or it’s the equivalent amount in cash.

1) Credit card: Lost luggage reimbursement

It is rare that someone loses their bags on the airport or during travel. But there is a low probability of that happening. Also, what will you do if you find your bags in a damaged condition? Bags are not cheap and if they are torn or get worn out during the travel then the contents inside it can also get affected.

In such a case, Lost Luggage Reimbursement policies provided by credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express come to the rescue. According to the policy, the banks are responsible for any damage or loss an item from your bag. They will cover the cost for it. In my estimation, Chase Sapphire Reserve® provides best-checked baggage insurance. It is a visa card which covers up to $3,000 per person per trip.

2) Airline company: Baggage delay insurance

Baggage delay insurance is provided by the airline companies. Once your baggage is lost, there is very little chance of finding it again. But in case of delay, you will receive your baggage a few hours or days after your arrival at the airport. The baggage claim customer service will provide you all the information you need. They use high-end tracking software to track down your bag’s exact location.

Baggage delay insurance reimburses you for the checked baggage containing day to day items such as clothes, toothbrush, soap and shampoo, footwear, etc. When you waiting for your baggage at the collateral and it doesn’t arrive, it’s difficult to know whether your baggage is delayed or lost. So, initially, the airline company considers your baggage to be delayed.

3) Travel insurance policy

Some travel insurance companies also provide checked baggage insurance. Allianz Travel is one such company that offers a lot of features along with the basic travel insurance policy. It covers baggage lost, delayed, stolen and damaged. Do not panic if you don’t find your baggage at the arrival, just file a complaint at the airport or the train station and the travel insurance company will reimburse you.


Make you that your book your flight tickets using a credit card that provides checked baggage insurance. You can also rely on your travel insurance policy if you already have one. But if you don’t have both then you will have to rely on the checked baggage insurance provided by the airline company–which is good to have but is not quite reliable.

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