What Are the Best Alternatives to Buying a House?

What Are the Best Alternatives to Buying a House?

I understand why you have decided to look for alternatives to buying a home. There is no point in buying a home of you are not going to rent it out. Gone are days when people use to take pride from being a homeowner. Now, everyone understands the downsides of buying a home instead of renting or going for one of the alternatives.

Is buying a home as your primary residence a good financial decision?

Unless you live in an urban area, there is no one answer to this question. In major cities, the price-to-rent ratio is usually quite high compared to the rural region or countryside. If you wish to buy a house in a rural region, you better check the price-to-rent ratio in that area. Which means, see whether buying a house is cheaper than renting one. A lower ratio means the house is affordable and vice versa.

Check out these 3 best alternatives to buying a house.

1. Live in a tiny house

Have you seen those TV shows with people raving about tiny houses for days and days?  There is something very intriguing about living in a tiny house. Most tiny houses have wheels and can be easily attached to a van or an RV for locomotive purposes. There are two major benefits of living in a tiny house: Location independence and low cost of living.

You might still have to pay property tax or real estate tax on your tiny home, but the amount you will pay will be considerably less than that of what traditional homeowners pay. A tiny home is technically a vehicle since your it has wheels attached to it. So, depending on which state you live in, you might have to pay property tax.

Secondly, if you decide to park it in a permanent location, then real estate tax comes in to play. In my opinion, a tiny home is the best alternative to buying a house.

2. Houseboat


A houseboat is another affordable alternative to buying a house. Living in a houseboat is not something new or unnatural. There are some countries in southeast Asia where there are entire cities constructed on the top of the water. A human being is capable of adapting to anything. You will not only save money on taxes and electricity bill but also get to wake up with amazing views every day.

3. Rent a condominium or an apartment

Some people prefer renting an apartment than a condo. But it’s really up to you. It’s true that living in a rented condo will cost you a bit more money in the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) fees, but think about the amenities that you will be getting. A condo is owned by an individual, so it is easier to deal with them while apartments are generally managed by real estate agents who work for commissions.


I feel deciding where to live is a personal choice and you cannot let other people choose for you. Maybe you are a city person who likes to stay in apartments or a nature lover who wants to stay in touch with trees, forests and the ocean. There are many great options available. If saving money and adventure are your priorities, then you should definitely choose one of the tried and tested alternatives to buying a home.

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