Weekly Thoughts: Too Slow…

Have you ever had a good idea, a wonderful idea you couldn’t wait to put into practice.  Then, before you had the chance to actually carry it out, you discovered that someone not only had the same idea, but managed to put it into practice before you even got the first step off the ground.  That’s pretty much the way I felt when I read this post on Evolution of Wealth.

The article itself is pretty reasonable, a round up of all the latest Yakezie posts, which is the sort of thing done by any number of blogs (including mine).  It’s what’s down in the comments that’s irking me; apparently, I’m not the first person to have the idea of using a carnival to promote the Yakezie challenge, and not being fast enough to get it up and running before anyone else, all I can do is wait on the sidelines.

Oh, well; running a carnival is a sometimes tough job, and I’m just glad that there are other people willing to shoulder that sort of responsibility.  I’ve already offered to host the carnival, so perhaps one week soon, you’ll see my weekly thoughts entry being replaced (or augmented) with a Yakezie carnival entry.  Either way would be pretty fun…

Enough about future round-ups, though; now it’s time to share some of the good articles from this past week:

Good Yakezie Posts

Debt Free News From a Debt Free Reader #6: Some good news to kick off our list; it’s always good when someone is able to get out of debt.  Go, Dustin!

How I went from No Blog to 122,661 on Alexa in Two Months: Not really personal finance, but another inspiring story nonetheless (particularly if, like me, you’re trying to make a go of this whole blogging thing.

Lease or Buy?  What to Know Before Your First Car Purchase: I’ve always bought used cars (and drove them until they couldn’t be driven anymore), but this is a good overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each car acquisition method.

Russian Women and Their Money: An intriguing view of how Russians traditionally handle money.  (It’s always amazing to me how many cultures have women controlling the purse strings.)

How Financial Planners SHOULD Behave and Act as a Fiduciary: A great list of things that a good financial planner should be doing for their clients.

Pros and Cons of Being Wealthy: Even with the cons listed, I’d still be willing to give being wealthy a try.

How to Get More Money Back on Your Tax Return: Apparently, it’s tax season in the great white north as well; here’s a list of tips aimed at Canadians (though there’s good advice for the US, as well).

Is Passive Income Real?: This guest post argues no (pretty persuasively), but I think that getting close to passive would satisfy me (and most people, for that matter).

Conventional Wisdom Leaves Much to Luck: Another guest post (they’re getting pretty popular, lately) about the flaws in conventional wisdom when it comes to retirement withdraws, and ways to protect yourself.

Combat the Closing Techniques-The Puppy Dog Close: One of the more diabolical marketing techniques (‘Just take the puppy home for the weekend, you can return him if you don’t want to keep him’) and how to combat it.

BOND is Back!: Besides a great title line, this entry is filled with helpful information about a variety of different government bond types, from savings bonds to TIPS.

That’s pretty much it for this week; be sure to check the link in the first paragraph for an excellent collection of great articles (including mine).  Enjoy all the great personal finance reading!

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