Weekly Thoughts: Spam Comments

Ah, the joys of running a blog.  One of my favorite (by which I mean, least favorite) parts of running a blog is the numerous spam comments I get on my posts.  Apparently, I have a rather large following in Russia, a fact that is only somewhat marred by their apparent obsession with hosting spam websites (many of which happen to written in, well, Russian).  It’s good to know that should I ever do a writing tour of Siberia, one of my biggest problems will be fighting off the hordes of raging Russian spammers eagerly awaiting my arrival.

Now of course, sometimes in the midst of all this valuable sales advice, a comment or two from someone who is NOT trying to sell me something (other than a visit to their fascinating and interesting blog, that is) will pop up on my articles.  It’s that sort of encouragement that drives me to keep posting and trying my best to be informative, thought-provoking, and hopefully, entertaining.  Thank you all for reading (even if you’re more interested in spamming me than sparking a dialogue).  Now, as is my wont, it’s time for some other bloggers to share the spotlight here at the Amateur Financier:

Should Debtors’ Prisons Make a Comeback?Mrs. Micah makes a point that should be pretty obvious to most observers: debt isn’t taken very seriously in this country, in part because there are few downsides to having a lot of debt (perhaps even too much).  While she doesn’t suggest actually imprisoning those who have more debt than they can repay, she makes some interesting points about cutting down on the amount of debt we take on, even ‘good debt’, by rationalizing it as a tool to help meet our goals.  Making it harder to acquire debt of all kinds (and making the punishments for nonpayment more severe) would go a long way toward cutting down the ‘debt culture’ that seems to have developed.

How to Keep Your Student Loan to a Minimum – One of the biggest problems facing young people is the burden of student loan debt.  Sadly, it’s getting to the point where getting into an entry-level position at a good company requires a bachelors degree, at minimum.  If you are planning to go to college, or are currently in college, it’s worth giving Studenomics’ post on keeping your student loan debt to a minimum.  I especially recommend looking for scholarships at all the universities you are considering; one really good scholarship allowed me to get through four years at a private university without paying a single cent in tuition.

What Comic Book Characters Taught Me About Personal Finance – Alright, there’s no way I can NOT include a post with this title; about the only way this could be a better fit for me is if it covered anime characters.   As an added bonus, Green Panda highlights some important financial lessons in an interesting manner, relating them to personality traits exhibited by (DC) comic book heroes.  It’s an interest and unique take on personal finance, one which will hopefully resonate with some of the younger (and dorkier) readers of her blog.

How to Increase Your ROI on Credit Card Use – A guest post on My Life ROI, covering ways to maximize the cash you get back on your credit card spending.  The suggestions range from getting a cash-back or other reward card (pretty much the necessary first step to getting any rewards from your credit spending) to take advantage of some of the quirks of airline mile plans to enable you to increase your rewards without increasing your spending.  Some of the methods are a bit trickier than I would want to do on a regular basis, but the general idea (getting money back on your spending) appeals to me.

So What If People Make Fun of Frugality! – If you needed a little levity in your life (and somehow superheroes don’t make you snicker), consider some of the things your favorite personal finance bloggers have done that resulted in them being teased.  I even added my own little contribution, although I’m not as intensely frugal as some of the others in the personal finance sphere.  For example, the host of this little roundup, J. Money of Budgets are Sexy, would sneak cheeseburgers into movie theaters (I always stopped with candy bars 😉 ).


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