Weekly Thoughts: Sick Time

I’m feeling very, very sick.  I’ve been under the weather for the last two nights, feeling even sicker yesterday than I was the day before (when I wasn’t exactly too healthy, anyway).  It’s always a fun time, being sick, but at Christmas, when I’m attempting to get shopping, list making, and family visits done, it’s especially annoying.  Still, what are you going to do?

So, I’ve been less than active lately with trying to get my blog updated and making other improvements.  But that will change soon; I’m attempting to get more involved with my blogging, and become more proactive with my promotion of my blog and my blog entries.  (I’ve also installed CommentLuv, to let you all know that I love your comments.)  I’m hoping to make more changes and additions in the coming weeks, as I work to make The Amateur Financier even better in 2010.  Please feel free to drop me any suggestions you have; I’m always eager for a second opinion.

On that note, let’s look into one of my favorite ways of spreading my message of financial joy: links to good blog posts for the past week!

Blog Posts I Liked This Week

Would You Kill a Stranger for One Billion Dollars? – It sounds like the basis of a movie (or a particularly tough question from a game of Scruples), but Baker of Man vs. Debt put this question out to his readers and got some interesting responses.  I’ll be honest, I don’t know how I would react, although I hope I’d be able to resist what would obviously be a huge temptation.  People have killed (and done even worse things) for far, far less money than that.

6 Tips to Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance Costs – A good list of suggestions from My Life ROI, providing several ways to cut back on the costs of your homeowner’s insurance.  Some suggestions sound like advice I’ve heard before (such as raising your deductible) but others, like not insuring the cost of your land, would not have occurred to me.  Enjoy your new found insurance savings!

Domain Investing 101 – I’ll be the first to admit, I know more about how humans work (at least on a cellular level; I’ll never figure out what goes on in many peoples’ minds) than I do about how the Internet works.  Luckily, a guest post on Financial Samurai’s website by Credit Card Chaser helps to explain some of the ins and outs.  Now, let me go there and see what I’ve done wrong so far…

Nope, We Don’t Have Cable – Stephanie of Poorer Than You provides some of the alternatives to a traditional cable subscription that are available to today’s modern television viewer.  I’m rather behind the times when it comes to things like Hulu and television company websites, but they seem like intriguing alternatives to my current TV habits.

Information Overload Cure – In these days of instant, twenty-four hour access to more information than ever in the history of the world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Luckily, Studenomics has an excellent guide to getting the amount of information you’re trying to absorb under control.  Just relax, take it slow, and you’ll be able to learn everything you need to learn, and then some.

5 Responses to Weekly Thoughts: Sick Time

  1. @Lulu: I’m feeling many times better today; I think that I was just dehydrated, as drinking plenty of water seems to have helped me quite a bit.

    @Baker: You’re quite welcome; you inspired me to give a lot of thought to my response. Keep up the good work, and I’ll do my best to keep the comments coming.

  2. Hey Rog – Thanks for highlighting. Some tips I can think of?

    I think you’re doing them all (guest posting, writing comments on other sites, highlight work from other sites, and writing your own stuff).

    What I’ve found interesting is branching out to other sites, not just PF blogs. I get all sorts of readers from travel blogs, and around the world b/c I like to read about different things. And of course, a lot of people like to read about PF.

    It’s good u installed Comment Luv, and I think if you guys post on even more sites i.e. mine or whoevers, it’ll just get better and better.


    .-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..Use The Sandwich Method To Provide Constructive Criticism =-.

    • @Studenomist: Thanks for the encouragement. I certainly understand how encouraging it is to get comments and suggestions from readers; it spurs me on. I’ll have to keep up the good work, I guess.

      @FS: Glad to know that my efforts are making a difference. I guess I’ll just have keep reading, commenting and blogging, and try to branch out from the usual subjects in the field of personal finance. Thanks for the encouraging words, my friends.

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