Weekly Thoughts: One Year of Blogging!

More than one year ago (on February 6, 2009, just in case it ever comes up on Jeopardy), I started the Amateur Financier.  367 days, 335 posts, over four hundred comments (with probably one third of those being mine), and I’m still going strong!   Now that the Financial Samurai has caused me to start thinking about things like Alexa rankings and improving the visibility of my blog, I’m also glad to see that I’m the 582,563th most popular website there is (and look forward to reaching the number one spot soon! 😉 )  Thanks for watching, and here’s to many, many more years of great personal finance writing!

This being a Weekly Thoughts column, though, it’s probably time to get to some of the good posts from the past week.  Starting this week, though, I’m going to be making a few changes to the general format and method of doing these entries.  First, rather than picking five to ten good articles and writing a paragraph or so about what I thought while reading them, I’m going to choose more and write less.  I’m not going to go into a full list format, providing only the names of some of the articles that I liked with accompanying links as some bloggers do (I like to talk, or rather write, about my opinions too much for that), but a sentence or less with each article will probably be the extent of it.

I’m also going to be shifting my focus to my fellow Yakezie wannabes (at least the ones who are shooting for a 200,000 Alexa ranking; I’m not sure how much help the ones with significantly higher Alexa rankings already will benefit from my support), though I’ll still read, comment on, and share other bloggers’ achievements.  Anyway, onto the real fun: other peoples’ quality blogs:

Quality Yakezie Posts:

Sunday Morning Musing: On Money, Elitism, and Olympics – Just when did being elite get to be such a bad thing, anyway?

Job Hunting: Finding that Thirty Point Buck – A guide to job hunting that’s easier than finding that mythical monster buck.

Do “C” Students Deserve “A” Lifestyles? –  If they put other skills (sports ability, acting, or simply leadership) to work, sure.

Tried and Tested: Pay Yourself First – Compound Interest Rocks!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad Seminars a Scam? – Apparently so; Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)

Money Saving Tips that Happen to Be Green – Save the Earth AND your money!

Don ‘t Hire Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes – Leading and Lagging Indicators, and why I’m still unemployed when the market is rising.

The Millionaire’s Club – Always good to see another future member!

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Hire Outside Help – A good counter-argument to an often stated axiom: that we should hire out tasks when we could make more money in the time needed to complete the task.

Other Worth While Blog Entries:

How to Smell a Money Scam from a Mile Away – Just sniff for the stink!

The REAL Reason the US Should Wait Generations Before Oil Drilling – More Proof that Darwin is a Criminal Mastermind

Make Your Own Toothpaste – Exactly like it sounds, a recipe for making your own toothpaste, complete with pictures.

A US Debt That’s Unlimited? – How much of a problem is the US’s ever rising debt ceiling?

Public Storage: Problem Ignored – If the problem is too much stuff (or stuff that one half of a couple wants to get rid of) the answer is a yard sale (or compromise), not public storage, in spite of what the commercials would have you believe.

Where the Amateur Financier has been Featured:

A blog known as Ingathered (which seems rather new, from its Alexa rating) wrote an article about Teaching Game Theory to Children that referenced my blog entry on Irrational Escalation of Commitment.  That’s right, I’m starting to train a new generation!

That’s all for now; if I referenced your blog and you got a trackback, please drop a comment and let me know.  I’m try to tweak my trackback system, and the only way I can do so is if I know that it works.  Have a great Monday, everyone!

9 Responses to Weekly Thoughts: One Year of Blogging!

  1. Congrats on hanging in for a year – once you get past the first six months, you’re more likely to last the distance I think. Stuff like the Alexa challenge are a good pep me up, too. 🙂

    Thanks very much for including my article in your links- hope you get the job you want, soon!

    • @youngandthrifty: Thank you much; yes, in the 500,000s is a pretty good beginning, although I still have quite a way to do before I reach my goal of 200,000 (and that’s only the start). Good job on the jump and here’s to another one million jump soon!

      @Mrs. Money: You’re very welcome, and thanks very much, I’m very happy.

      @FS: I’m definitely planning to make it to July 4th, hopefully much longer. I’ll also continue to highlight other would-be Yakezie members’ posts; what goes around comes around, and all.

      @Monevator: Thanks very much, both for the congratulations on making a year and for the job hunting hopes. With any luck, I’ll have good news to report soon!

  2. Year One is HUGE. Most bloggers crash and burn way before year one. I am with you on the challenge! I am moving steadily towards my goal of 200K and I know you will too.

    From the publishing of this post till today, Feb 15 you have moved up 22,000 spots (my tool bar says 560K).

    Keep up the great work.
    .-= Evan´s last blog ..Good Humanitarian or Personal Finance D-Bag? =-.

    • @Evan: Thanks for the encouragement; I do appreciate being recognized for my accomplishments (even if those accomplishments are limited to continuing to post for a full year 😉 ). Hopefully, I’ll get to 200k by July 4th (preferably even sooner). I seem to be moving at a pretty good pace; I was around 560k yesterday, and I’m at 546k today. If I keep up that pace or anywhere near it, I’ll be at 200k before you know it!

    • @Charlie: Very true; blogging does take a great deal of work, but it also can be highly productive and profitable when you get yourself established.

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