Weekly Thoughts: Freedom! Well, Sort of…

Well, it’s finally here: my finals are over, my projects are turned in, my presentation on my research this year has been given (just in case you’re curious, my research is off to a pretty bumpy start, although the presentation went quite well); in short, my first academic year as a graduate student has now come to a close!  So, time to take a long awaited trip around the world, living a free and adventurous life, right?

Not exactly.  You see, summer is considered the ideal time for graduate students to get caught up on their research, with such petty distractions as ‘taking classes’ and ‘teaching undergrads’ out of the way.  As such, I’m almost going to be busier in the summer than I have been for much of the semester, when there was the tacit understanding that the ‘student’ part of my grad student responsibilities had to take the front seat when it came to my time management.

Still, it’s not a complete horror show; while I might have to put in ten hour days sometimes, I do have surprising flexibility in WHEN those hours fall.  I can sleep in until noon, or come in early and leave by mid afternoon.  When I get the work done is less of a concern than whether I get the work done.  It also means that I have quite a bit of flexibility; while I’m waiting for my bacteria to do their thing (or waiting for any number of tests or procedures that I’m running to finish), I can be writing blog articles, checking my email, or catching up on some of the other great blog articles out there.  While we’re on the subject (and as I research what I need to do next to keep my experiment rolling), feel free to check out some of these great blog entries from around the web:

Good Yakezie Posts

Don’t Quit Your Day Job by Buck Inspire (posted on Yakezie.com)

How to Get the Most Money Out of Your Old Textbooks from Life and My Finances (One of my favorite subjects as a student who just ended a semester)

Where Did My Tax Dollars Go? from Faith and Finance (Always a question that gets asked around this time of year)

A Wii is NOT an Investment from Retire By 40 (This misuse of the word ‘invest’ is a big pet peeve of mine)

Creating Extremely Valuable Connections in Life from The Financial Blogger

20 Money and Life Lessons From Mom from Barbara Friedberg (Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day to all the moms reading, while we’re at it)

If the Royals Don’t Need a Prenuptial Agreement, Do You? from Bucksome Boomer (Not a question I thought I would ever hear…but a good one to consider)

Developing an Income Stream with Affiliate Programs from Couple Money (Something I’ve been trying, with limited success; it’s always nice to get some fresh perspective)

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mutual Funds, Index Funds, and ETFs from Money Help For Christians (A decent example of truth in advertising, which is always a nice thing to see)

How to Get the Most From Your Savings Accounts from Mrs. Not Made of Money (always nice to get a refresher on the basics)

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

My post on Preparing for a Test At the Last Minute was included in a thought-provoking round-up from Kevin of Invest It Wisely and in the Totally Money Blog Carnival #19.

My post on Choosing the Right Investment Firm was included in the Integrated Finance Carnival.

Last, but not least: Apparently, there is at least one economics class where The Amateur Financier is an acceptable source, at least when the subject is marijuana legalization.  So…I’ve got that going for me.

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