Weekly Thoughts: Finally, I Have Time To Think!

Well, well, well, it seems that for the first time in many months, I have the opportunity to review some of my favorite blogs, see what other people are writing about, and link to some of my favorites.  Since that was always one of my favorite parts of blogging, I’m glad I have the chance to do so again.  There’s a good chance that my more on the ball readers have already encountered most of these great articles already, but just in case you missed them:

Contests and Giveaways

I could hardly start with something other than the Yakezie Scholarship, the attempt by our Yakezie network to help out those who would like a boost in college funds in order and can show their spirit with a nice essay.  If you’re looking to sponsor future scholarship awards or otherwise contribute, check out the Framework page.  (I’m a silver level sponsor now, myself.)

Kay Lynn (the Bucksome Boomer) is giving away a rather odd book for a personal financier blogger: The Cigarette Book, about, well, smoking.  Not really PF related, but it looks to be an interesting read.

Squirrelers (which, I’ll admit, I’ve only learned about recently) is having a massive Thanksgiving giveaway, with more than $400 in prizes including gift cards and personal finance books.  It looks like one very impressive haul.

The Rat of Ending The Rat Race is giving away a neat sounding book and CD, Smoke and Mirrors, which seeks, as most good personal finance books do, to make you rethink your financial priorities.  Good luck winning, when I’m set to do so myself.

Free From Broke discusses some situations when renting furniture (normally a huge no-no according to personal finance bloggers) makes sense, and offers a $50 Visa Card, which always makes your argument more persuasive.

One particularly excellent personal finance blogger (and I’m not just saying that because she’s commented here multiple times) Barbara Friedberg is also giving away a personal finance book, Psych Yourself Rich.  Quite a few books being given away this week; I might have update my wish list…

Good Yakezie Articles

The Financial Samurai provides some good advice on How to Overcome Poor Grades and Get a Job.  Especially given the rough hiring environment lately, it’s especially important to do things like being honest about your shortcomings and focusing on other activities; even the straight A students are having a rough time of it right now.

It’s a fact of nature: monopolies aren’t good for anyone but those who profit from them.  Of course, you can find monopolies in the most unexpected of places, such as your corner lemonade stand, as Len Penzo’s daughter discovered to her chagrin.  How a Lemonade Stand Taught My Daughter to Love Monopolies is a good view at several different monopolies, and how they benefit those who run them.

Evan of My Journey To Millions provides a few Basic Financial Terms and Keyword for Children and Teens.  It’s never to early to give young people a head start on understanding how to manage their money.  (Well, alright, toddlers might be a bit too young, but after that…)

Lastly, Digging Out From Our Mess asks if You Have An Anthem? I don’t know that I have an anthem, per se, but I do have more than a few songs with which I like to sing along.  (Including Katy Perry’s songs…)

There we go, a selection of good articles from this past week.  Hopefully, I can stay in the habit and keep reading, commenting on, and passing on great articles to my readers.


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