Weekly Thoughts – Feeling End of Semester Pressure

Wow, time flies so fast, it must be riding in a supersonic jet.  It’s amazing how quickly the time seems to go by.  Just four weeks from now, I will be taking my last final of the semester, and thus be officially one year away from graduating from graduate school and having my Master’s degree.  Then I shall be a master (of biochemistry, I suppose; hey, you can’t become the master of the universe overnight).

I will be doing my best to keep my blog fully updated and keep participating in all my social groups, in real life and online.  The Yakezie, for example are running their writing contest soon, and I’ve already pledged to donate.

But as you might guess, it does tend to mean that I don’t get to spend as much time reading and commenting on other great blogs as I would like (although, with how many great blogs there are out there, I would need several copies of myself to keep up, it seems).  Still, I do get around to reading some blogs, which brings us to a few of the best posts of the past week:

Good Yakezie Posts

Are Credit Unions as Good as Banks? by The College Investor

Lost Wallet: What to Do Before It’s Gone by Live Real, Now

Today Babci Turns 78 by Sandy L (the First Gen American)  (Happy (Belated) Birthday, Babci!)

Passive Income: The Path to Extreme Wealth by Derek of Passive Family Income

What is Your Debt Costing You? by Joe Plemon of Personal Finance by the Book

Claiming Canceled Debt as Income on Little House in the Valley

5 Tips on Selecting a Financial Planner on Couple Money

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

The Totally Money Blog Carnival #13 on Thousandaire featured my post on (Almost) Last Minute Tax Tips

Sandy L., who remains the First Gen American, included my post on The Future of Entertainment (and expressed an interest in fanfiction) in her weekly Favorites post

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