Weekly Thoughts: Christmas Time is Here!

Ah, it’s that magical time after Christmas, when most people are still basking in the joy and fellowship of the Christmas holiday, as well as making resolutions and other plans to ring in a new year full of promise and hope.  I enjoy this time of year, even more than the run up to Christmas (which tends to get a little…hectic, to say the least).  I hope everyone else is enjoying this time, and not getting themselves too overworked planning for the New Year!

This week, given that Christmas has just passed us by, I thought I would gather up all the links I could related to Christmas that were posted by my fellow Yakezie members.  But first…just in case you didn’t get enough Christmas presents this past week, here are a few contests that are still ongoing:

Contests and Giveaways

While not technically a contest, Free From Broke provides links to a few discounts if you try a new service called eBillme

And Garbage Filter is still offering to give away the book Fire Sale, with entries closing at the end of the month (that is, tomorrow); there aren’t too many entrants, so you have a good chance to win (if I don’t, that is).

There’s a Chili’s Gift Card Review and Giveaway over at Mom’s Plans, which already has nearly three hundred comments, so good luck on that one, although you do have until January 10th to enter.

Invest It Wisely is giving away the book How to Profit in Gold, assuming you enter the giveaway before 2011 (that is, by tomorrow).  I do love my books, so I’ll be sure to enter for the chance to win.

Kelly of The Centsible Life is promoting an app called SWAGG, and downloading it could give you a chance to win a $100 shopping credit.  The deadline for entry is, yup, the 31st, so you need to be quick.

A Very Yakezie Christmas

There are just so many Yakezie members with so many different takes on the holidays that I can’t do my normal summations of each without making this round up 10,000 words long.  So, I’m going to try to cut things down substantially.  Some of the more unique articles included  One Money Design sharing a modern take on the Christmas story, the Financial Samurai suggesting that you stay awake longer to add more time to your day (great for time management, not so great for your mental and physical health), and Joe Plemon explaining Why the Magi were Wise Gift Givers AND maintaining that Jesus is statistically the only man who could ever be the Messiah (definitely not your normal Christmas post, but perfect for us numbers wonks).  Dr. Dean of the Millionaire Nurse Blog writes a very touching and poignant post about the power of those who heal us to touch our lives, wishing them all a Merry Christmas.  Little House in the Valley shares a ‘Night Before Christmas’ Parody (a pretty witty one, too), Punch Debt in the Face gives a pretty funny cartoon to celebrate the season as does Joe Taxpayer, and Jesse Michelson of PF Firewall provides Three Ways to Bring the Magic of Christmas Back (including getting Norad involved).  Faithful with a Few shares the Christmas story in two parts, first the preparation for Jesus and then His arrival, while Money Reasons shares a cute story of his daughter’s desire to visit Santa’s Workshop.

Looking closer at some people’s Christmas traditions, Kay Lynn, the Bucksome Boomer, shares some of her favorite ornaments on the Christmas tree, and why they have sentimental value (and did a short and sweet post on Christmas itself), Early Retirement Extreme shares a Christmas tradition in his house of saving wrapping paper and bows, and Forest of the Frugal Zeitgeist shares some unusual Christmas traditions from around the world (always fun to see how different cultures approach the holidays) and shares some unique family Christmas traditions.

Plenty of Yakezie members (such as myself) opted for a simple ‘Merry Christmas post, including The Wealth Artisan (who also shared part of the Biblical Christmas Story), Craig of Money Help For Christians, Crystal of Budgeting in the Fun Stuff (on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), Kris of Everyday Tips and Thoughts (another Christmas Eve post, with a following Christmas Post), a ‘Merry Christmas to One and All from Mr. Money of Smart on Money, and Nicole of Rainy Day Saver wishes us a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, to boot.  But that’s not all; B.B. of Beating Broke, Tom Drake of the Canadian Finance Blog, Ryan of Planting Dollars, and WellHeeled of the Well Heeled Blog all wished their readers a Happy Holiday season.

Some bloggers mixed business and pleasure, wishing a Merry Christmas to their readers while also doing a round-up (you have to admire their ability to multitask), including Mrs. Not Made of Money, Kelly of the Centsible Life, Beating the Index, Kevin of Invest It Wisely (who also shares a few videos to help us get into a Christmasy mood), and Young and Thrifty.  Kevin of 20s Money mixes holiday well wishing with hints of changes to come next year, while the Investor at Monevator shares his reading list from this past year and some good recent links.

Whew, that’s quite a lot, especially given how tightly I packed some of those links.  If I missed any Christmas themed Yakezie posts, please let me know; I went through every Yakezie post for Christmas Eve and Christmas on my RSS feed reader, so if I missed you, it means I didn’t know you were part of the Yakezie, and I’d like to add you so I can promote you in the future.

Here’s hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas (or Happy Solstice, or Reflective Ramadan, or Exceptionally Early Hanukkah, or a Festive Festivus, or whatever you did special (if anything) this past month), and will have a great New Year!

(P.S. If you want to get me a (belated) Christmas present, I’d appreciate the name of a good, inexpensive blog tech support person.  I need to fix my trackback system, and could use some other help that being technically disinclined, I can’t do myself without many hours of reading and studying.  Thanks in advance, and once again, Happy Holidays!)


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