Weekly Thoughts: I’m on MSN!

Have you ever found yourself winning a prize you hadn’t even entered to win?  Like, at a drawing at the local fair, you find out that your friends put your name into the raffle, and suddenly you’ve won a big prize, like a car, without any effort or real work on your part?  You’d probably have a huge grin on your face, getting something so great completely out of the blue.

I had a taste of that feeling today.  No, I didn’t win a car or anything like that; but I did have one of my posts featured in an MSN blog post.  Yup, they made a reference to my post on Unemployment and Motivation when discussing the effects of unemployment benefits on motivation to find another job.  Not an off-hand reference at the end of the article or on the fourth page, either; I’m mentioned by name (as Roger, the Amateur Financier) in the third paragraph, and they paraphrase my article over the next three paragraphs.  All in all, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve had happen to me lately (possibly the coolest blogging thing that I’ve ever had happen to me).

Here’s the kicker, though: while my article about unemployment is being highlighted, I’m actually getting pretty close to having a job.  I had an orientation meeting on Monday, and I have an interview on Wednesday.  By this time next week, I could actually be employed again, in a job in my field that pays nearly as much as my last job (which does help support my argument in the article about holding out for a ‘good’ job while collecting unemployment).  If this week keeps going the way it has, I might have to go out to a casino; I never have this kind of luck.

Successful Yakezie Members

I’m not the only one who’s had a run of luck, it seems; when I was looking over latest Yakezie Challenge standings, I noticed that were more than a few of my compatriots who have met their goals.  At least the initial goals; there’s always more than you can do, and higher ranks to be obtained, especially as nobody’s broken 50,000 yet.  Although, our fearless leader, Financial Samurai, is getting there pretty quickly.

With a combination of hard work, luck, and of course, some powerful friends, it looks like Money Funk and Punch Debt In The Face (great blog name, by the way) both beat the 200,000 ranking this past week.  They have a lot of company; Planting Dollars, Sweating the Big Stuff, Monevator, Fiscal Fizzle, MBA Briefs, Early Retirement Extreme, Enemy of Debt, *takes a deep breath*, My Journey to Millions, Deliver Away Debt, and the Ultimate Money Blog, have all cleared the 200,000 Alexa hurdle already and are bearing down on 100,000.  (Hopefully, I’ll join them soon.)  Of those blogs shooting for 50,000, Budgets are Sexy and Free From Broke both cleared 100,000 first (although they were pretty close to that amount at the start), and Eliminate the Muda cleared both 200,000 and 100,000 in its ascent to the top.

It looks like many of my fellow Yakezie members are well on their way to dominating the personal finance blogosphere (and then the world…but perhaps I’ve said too much).  In hopes of boosting up some of the members who haven’t gotten that far yet, here’s a round-up of some of the other Yakezie who are still shooting for 200,000 along with me:

Good Yakezie Posts

Pros and Cons of Being Cash Only – While I’m more a fan of credit card use myself, Red does make some good points about why you might opt for a cash only life.

Day 21: A Dull Monday Morning in Australia… – Not really personal finance related, but how can I resist a post mentioning a photographer who gathered up a bunch of nude people and got them to pose for a picture?

Avoiding Reactive Personal Finance – It’s hard for most of us, but planning ahead for emergencies is much better than trying to react once something happens.

Fix-It Friday: Know Your IRS Forms – Good advice as get (even deeper) into tax season, knowing your tax forms (or getting help from someone who does) can save plenty of time and money on your part.

The 5 Books that Changed My Money Life – As you’ve probably noticed from my weekly (or so) book reviews, I like to read, particularly about personal finance, and so these five ‘mini-reviews’ on books I’ve either read or have on my ‘to read’ list is quite helpful.

“Making Work Pay Credit” and the SAHM – An interesting look at the new tax credit available this year.

What’s Your Latte Factor? – An interesting discussion of the little money vices that end up costing us lots of money over time, using David Bach’s concept of the Latte Factor.

Where the Amateur Financier Has Been Featured

My post on unemployment and motivation was very popular this past week; in addition to MSN, it has been featured in round-ups from Well-Heeled Blog,151 Days Off, Planting Dollars, and Wealth Pilgrim

The latest Yakezie Carnival included my post on the challenges of holding physical gold, as did Monevator

That’s it for this week’s round-up; if you’ll excuse, I’m off to bask in my new-found celebrity a bit more.  (Kidding; I’m just the same Roger, if a bit more shocked.)

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