Weekly Round-Up: And The Winners Are…

Well, it’s time to make good on my promise; you provided advice to help me improve my blog, and as promised, I’m going to be giving out a few magazine subscriptions.  *Starts a drumroll*  The winners (who were contacted by email, in addition to seeing themselves listed here) are:

Thanks to everyone who entered (that is, left me comments on how to boost my blog’s popularity and money-earning potential); all the help was greatly appreciated, and I hope that you enjoy your magazine subscriptions!

With all the contest details out of the way, it’s time for the real fun: the round-up!  As always, let’s see what other contests are currently ongoing:

Contests and Giveaways

Jayson, of Realized Returns, is giving away a Kindle for his ‘Read My Drivel, Win a Kindle’ contest.  My Future-Mother-In-Law got one for Christmas and just loves it; I’d be afraid I’d end up spending even more on books (or in this case, book downloads) than I do right now.  Still, very, very generous.

Kevin of Invest It Wisely is still giving away a copy of We Have Met The Enemy, which has a nice self control theme.  Since self-control underlies most issues in personal finance (as well as health, education, relationships…), it definitely sounds like a good read.

The Yakezie, a great group as always, are giving away a copy of The Millionaire Next Door, widely touted as one of the most influential books in the personal finance realm.  Subscribe to a few feeds, do a few tweets (by Saturday), and you could win a copy.  I could also mention the Yakezie Scholarship and its Saturday submission deadline here, but as they are already overwhelmed with entrants…

Young and Thrifty reviews and gives away the book Smarter Than the Street, an interesting (although, just to judge from her summary, likely infuriating to me) take on how to out invest Wall Street.

Credit Cards Canada is (still) hosting a guest blogging contest with a January 31st deadline; with time starting to wind down, I suppose I need to get a move on.

Good Yakezie Posts

3 Easy Financial Resolutions Every Gen Y Should Follow – I know, I know, you’re probably all resolution-ed out by now, but Young and Thrifty provides a few simple suggestions to members of Generation Y (that is, us children of the eighties and nineties) on how to improve our financial situation this year, quickly and easily.

Resolutionize Your Finances: Savings – While we’re pushing resolutions on you, check out the Bucksome Boomer’s guide to the several different types of accounts you should consider.  It’s always good to have layers of money to fall back on in a pinch.

Why I Pay Off ‘Good’ Debt – Red of the Girl with the Red Balloon blog shares her motivation for paying off her student loans, even if they are ‘good’ debt.  She raises some good points about how constricting even moderate, ‘good’ debt can be on your life and psyche.

Nature Vs. Nurture: How Important Are Parents In Determining Financial Success? – An interesting discussion, brought up by the Financial Samurai.  Personally, I think it’s hard to know what percent of your success to attribute to your genes, to your upbringing, to your own effort, and to sheer dumb luck; it’s likely a different mix for every one.

Clean Your Shoes With a Banana Skin – Some posts I feel the need to include just because of the title.  Luckily, this post from Miss Thrifty also includes some interesting (and creative) ways to put your used banana skins to good use.

How Laziness Helped My Finances – In this case, by not bothering to change her contribution levels, WellHeeled is on track to max out her 401(k) contributions by July.  When it prevents you from doing something detrimental, laziness can actually be a virtue.

Going Carless: Does It Make Sense? – Kevin of Invest It Wisely is considering various options as his lease nears its end.  It’s an interesting look at the many options available, transportation-wise.

Gen Y Comparison-Who Do You Look More Like? – An interesting comparison for people of my generation from Kevin of 20s Money.  I resemble A more, although I have a few B traits I’m still trying to work out of my system.

Paid What You Are WORTH? – The Millionaire Nure blog shares a few points on why salaries can vary so much between professions (that Superstar effect at work), and how you can maximize your worth.

Earn A Living Doing What You Love – Flexo shares some of his thoughts on how to make money doing what you love (in his case, blogging) and some of the psychological barriers that stopped him from trying to do so earlier.  As a would-be semi-pro blogger, it definitely provides some insight on the attitude I need to take.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

The 21st Carnival of Wealth hosted on Personal Dividends included my post on 50 Cent, Penny Stocks, and Twitter.  That’s not the only place, though; it was also the best post (whoo-hoo!) on the Best of Money Carnival and included in the Totally Money Blog Carnival #2.   Something about celebrities always makes for a good story.

On the subject of the Totally Money Blog Carnival, I participated in the Inaugural Edition, as well, and think I forgot to mention it here.  It included my thoughts on keeping up with your resolutions.    This post also happened to be featured in 20th Carnival of Wealth; somehow, I’ve really managed to fall behind with listing these blog carnivals.

Mrs. Accountability enjoyed (well, appreciated is probably a better word) my tale of woe in Roger’s Bogus Journey.  At least something good came of it, I suppose.


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