Weekly Round-Up: Wacky (Post)-Winter Weather

Ah, the weather in Ohio, always a beautiful and splendid thing.  Although, it also tends to be rather fickle, and that has been on full display over the last few days here in Youngstown, my home away from home.  This time last week, everyone was getting down to their shorts and T-shirts (or less; I am living on a college campus, after all), and one of the biggest complaints around campus was the fact that the air conditioning in just about every building would stay off until April 15th.  (The air conditioning is apparently run on a schedule that is nigh impossible to change at this point in the year, meaning we have to hope that when they did set it, they were able to predict just how soon the temperature would start to rise.  It works about as well as you can guess.)

Jump ahead a week to today.  After an overcast weekend and lots of wind, the weather feels much more like late March in the Northeast, and I’m starting to regret putting away my winter coat for the season.  It’s not that far above freezing, and the wind in particular is just vicious at times.  Just when you think Mother Nature is going to give you a break and make the season an easy one, it ends up taking a pretty vicious turn.  Here’s hoping it ends up warming back up soon.

On the plus side, finding myself with less reason to go outside can have its advantages, such as being able to get caught up on my blogging to do list, the top of which has a large box in front of ‘share some good articles from fellow bloggers with my readers’.  So, here you are, some of the great blog entries from around the web, starting with:

Contest and Giveaways

A rather unique one from My 4 Hour Workweek, where you have the chance to win a portion of his passive income.  Want a chance to experience the rush of getting paid for something you (or in this case, someone else) already did?  Here’s your chance.

As I mentioned last time, J.D. Roth has his video contest back up in full swing for this year, and you have until April 15th to make and submit your video.  Good luck; I’m sure the competition will be fierce.

In the spirit of March Madness, there’s lots of voting going on right now.  Yakezie March Madness is nearly at its end, being down to the final competition between Free Money Finance and Wealth Informatics.  I won’t say whom I voted for, but it was one tough choice.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a March in the Personal Finance World without Free Money Finance’s March Money Madness competitions.  I’ve linked to the latest match-up as of this writing; read, vote, and enjoy!

Good Yakezie Posts

How to Prevent Student Loan Default – This is definitely a worry of mine, as my student loans are easily my biggest debt (hopefully not to get bigger, if I graduate on time and get a job).  Admittedly, most of Robert, the College Investor’s advice is about controlling how much debt you take on in the first place, but still, good advice is good advice.

How to Be More Productive with 3 Simple Files – I love David Allen’s Getting Things Done (or at least the audiobook version that I have), and now I need to put more of his suggestions into play.  Tim of Faith and Finance shares one example of how to get yourself organized, using no more than three manila folders.

Things to Consider Before You Accept That Job – Yes, I know sometimes it seems like any job will do, but as Derek of Life and My Finances points out, there are issues you should run through your mind before giving a final yes to a new job opportunity.  Doing so can only help in making the best choice for you.

I Paid Off My Student Loans – Seriously – All of Them – Eric of Narrow Bridge Finance shares a rather impressive victory, one I hope to emulate one day.  His plan is definitely a solid one, and something I’ll consider when I’m out of school, working hard, and trying to pay off my own student loans.

It’s Time to Legalize Marijuana – I’ve ventured into this territory myself before, but it’s nice to see other bloggers (particularly self-professed non-drug users) take a crack at it.  Kevin of Thousandaire makes some good arguments as to why marijuana, in particular, should be legalized.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

It was a pretty good week for me, carnival-wise.  My review of The Millionaire Next Door was included in the Sixtieth Totally Money Blog Carnival, hosted by Motivating Mum.  (In case you’re having trouble finding it, it’s the very last entry; next time, I’ll have to submit something that falls in a category besides ‘Other’.)

That same review (one of my best works last week, if I do say so myself), was also included in the Carnival of Wealth, Overrated Products Edition from Control Your Cash.  Besides the very catchy carnival name, the quotes from some of the other entries added a nice touch of humor to the proceedings.

To round things out (and add a little variety), my piece on different methods of filing your taxes (It’s Tax Time, Yet Again!) was including in Tax Carnival #100: Tax Tourney Time on Don’t Mess With Taxes.  A very delightful blog name, and a pretty nice looking carnival.

That’s it for this week; until next time, keep writing all those great articles, my fellow personal finance bloggers!

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