Weekly Round-Up: Don’t Trust Groundhogs for Investment Advice

Merry Groundhog Day, everyone!  Hopefully, you’re safe and warm at home, rather than forced to confront the massive, continent sized storm moving across the US.  Here’s also hoping that Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, so we can get some warm weather here soon!

While groundhogs are surprisingly good at predicting the weather, when it comes to money, you’re best served by ignoring them.  In my home state of Pennsylvania, for example, the state lottery system uses Gus, the second most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania, as their mascot.  While the commercials are cute and entertaining, you shouldn’t take money advice from small furry animals, particularly when they recommend gambling.  If you want to must gamble, do so responsibly, using only money you can afford to lose; regardless of what the groundhogs might tell you, there’s no such thing as a sure bet.

Now, onward with the good posts from this past week, as well as the upcoming contests:

Contests and Giveaways

Sweating The Big Stuff provides an opportunity to win H&R Block at Home software, just in time for tax season.  I used H&R Block software last year, for both me and my fiancee, and it was pretty straightforward.

Melissa of Mom’s Plan provides the links to several giveaways for kids.

Good Yakezie Posts

Work is a Curse and It’s Adam’s Fault…Or Is It? – An interesting Biblical take from Joe Plemon about whether part of  Adam’s punishment for tasting the Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil was to be forced to work.  Hopefully, most of you consider your work as meaningful, rather than a punishment.

Are Women Naturally More Trustworthy Than Men? – Financial Samurai provides several advantages that women have in negotiations compared to us menfolk.  I’m not sure that ALL women are more trustworthy than ALL men (that Pope fellow seems pretty honest), but as general populations, I’d have to agree and give women the edge.

Calculating the Interest on a Payday Loan – As if you needed more reasons to avoid payday loans, Evan of My Journey to Millions calculates the interest rates charged by some of them at 3685%.  If you can possibly avoid it (and bank overdraft fees, which also have ludicrous repayment amounts), do so; your wallet will thank you.

Youngandthrifty’s Mint.com Review – Pretty much exactly what the title states, a review of Mint.com from Youngandthrifty (particularly, the recent expansions north, into Canadian personal finance institutions).  The grade is a bit mixed, but overall seems to jive with my Mint experiences.

7 Tips for Creating Wealth – Ryan of Planting Dollars shares seven simple tips to create wealth.  None should be very surprising if you’ve done much personal finance reading, but it’s always nice to hear good advice once again.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

Miss Thrifty breaks up the 91st Carnival of Money Stories by interlacing the entries (including my post on Keeping Your Emergency Fund Handy) with a story from Guy de Maupassant.  It’s a really good story, although a bit on the sad side.

The fourth Totally Money Blog Carnival was kind enough to include my post about Taco Bell’s ‘meat’.  The ‘motivational’ posters included always make me laugh.

That same post was also included in Mrs. Accountability’s post on 4 Ways to Use Up Vegetables So You Don’t Waste Food, which does have some pretty interesting suggestions (I would not have thought of pizza, but I’m generally a cheese and pepperoni guy, anyway).

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