Weekly Round-Up: Three Days ‘Til Thirty

It’s hard to believe, but three days from now, I’m going to be thirty years old.  It’s making me do a lot of reflection on how my life has progressed up to this point.  I suppose this is how things go as you approach those major milestones in your life; I’m not sure whether thirty would be considered more a mid-life crisis or a quarter-life crisis, but it’s definitely making me think about things.  I’ve been quite busy as of late, although I’m sure that Sondra will not allow me to spend much, if any, time on my birthday (and possibly the whole birthday weekend) working rather than enjoying my time with her (and planning for her birthday, exactly one week later), so I’ll definitely get some relaxation done before too long.

Anyway, as I age and find myself about to hit a whole new stage of life, I also find myself doing quite a lot of thinking.  A full discussion of everything flowing through my mind could fill a blog entry or ten itself, but there’s definitely quite a lot I intend to share.  Thanks to all my readers for your comments and thoughts as I work through all of this (including making all the needed changes to my nice, new Thesis theme).  I appreciate all the readers and comments, to say nothing of being able to read other great blog entries, like these:

Great Yakezie Posts

Do You Know When to Accept Help? – Here’s an area where I could definitely use some help; I tend to wait far too long to ask for help (getting myself to where I am with my finances being one sign thereof).  This article from Sustainable Personal Finance poses a few hypothetical questions to help you look at whether you are quick enough at asking for advice.

Who Needs a Budget? I’m Doing OK! – It’s a sad tendency that most of us trend to avoid budgeting (and even when we start to budget, avoid sticking to it).  But as Miss T. of Prairie Eco-Thrifter notes, it is a necessary first step in getting your personal finance situation under control, and denying your need will only slow your progress.

The Ultimate Hypocrite: Robert Kiyosaki and His Company’s Bankruptcy – You’ve probably heard about this if you pay even a slight bit of attention to the personal finance sphere, but there’s been something of a scandal with Robert Kiyosaki (the Rich Dad, Poor Dad guy). Robert the College Investor goes into it in more detail, and share the ways that Kiyosaki raises suspicion among his readers (myself included).

Early Retirement Strategy on One Income: Can We Still Retire Early with Our Income Cut in Half? – Many people, particularly personal finance bloggers, seek to retire early, and have to deal with the many problems that can arise along the way.  Over on Wealth Informatics, there’s a discussion of how to handle it now that Suba has called it quits to his job, complete with an early retirement map!

How to Teach Your Child to Adopt a Saving Mentality – I’m sure I’ve said this several times before, but I’ll say it again: with a baby of my own on the way, I’m more eager than ever to learn how to teach my child the best way to handle money.  This post from One Cent At A Time shares some advice on how to improve their attitude toward money as they grow up.

Is it Cheaper to Live on the Top or Bottom Floor of an Apartment Building? – This post from My Personal Finance Journey is an interesting one, comparing the costs of living on the ground floor or an upper floor of an apartment.  As someone who lived on the third floor of a building and had to run my air conditioner through the winter so I didn’t spontaneously combust, I’ll definitely attest to the higher cost of air conditioning in upper apartments.

The Risks of Starting a Business – There’s a lot of encouragement to start a business out there, but it does tend to overlook the risks involved.  This post from Untemplater shares some of the risks in business creation, giving you an idea of what you are risking by creating your own business.  While you hopefully won’t have trouble with your business, trouble does sometimes arise.

Can You Profit From The Crowdfunding Fever? – Are you interested in getting in on that ‘crowdfunding‘ thing you’ve heard so much about?  Marissa of Thirty-Six Months shares some thoughts about how you can benefit from crowdfunding and perhaps turn a profit.  Some interesting thoughts on turning crowdfunding into some serious money.

How to Control Your Emotions When Shopping – It’s tough to manage your money when you let your emotions take control, and shopping is a time when they are particularly apt to seize the day.  If you want to keep your emotions under control, taking some of the advice in this article from Free From Broke will give you great suggestions.

6 Giant Ads That Can Only Be Seen From Space – Sometimes there is an article that can only be described as irresistible.  This one from Len Penzo is one such article.  Just in case you thought that the billboards, TV commercials, and bus station ads were crazy enough, here’s several ads that you need to be miles off the ground (or looking through a satellite) to see.  Definitely neat.

Alright, that’s enough for one week (particularly a week where my birthday is rapidly approaching).  Have a wonderful week, everyone, and here’s hoping that you have a fantastic October 27th.  Feel free to send a thought or three my way.

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