Weekly Round-Up: The Life of a New Father

I always had a great respect for anyone who raises children.  The task of being a mom (or a dad, for that matter) is not an easy one.  Keeping track of children, or even one child, and keeping them happy, healthy, and safe can easily occupy the majority of your time and energy every moment they are awake and at home, even before your children can start crawling and potentially get into just about everything in the house.  I’ve always understood these facts.

What I did not understand, though, was just how much having a baby would affect things like your sleep.  For the first several months (as much as a year or more in some cases, I’ve been led to understand), babies aren’t able to sleep more than three or four hours at a time.  This means that you will not get a full night of sleep until your child (or children, if you prove to be crazy enough to have more than one baby) is old enough to sleep through the night.

It has been proving to be a tougher time than I was expecting.  I do have a wonderful wife to help me through this (or I suppose, I am helping her through it), and for right now, I don’t have a job, making it easier to spend my time helping with the baby care.  I am still planning to keep my blog going, though, which means that once a week I’m going to have a Weekly Round-Up, which means that you can read some great posts from around the web, starting with:

Great Yakezie Posts

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need? 4 Key Driving Factors to Know – I’ve heard a lot of different answers to the first question, from 2 years’ income worth to 20 years’ income worth, depending on how much you wanted to provide for your family after your death.  Hank on Money Q&A breaks it down and provides some guidance on how to calculate a reasonable amount without too much worry.

Basic Tips for Saving Money – It’s easy to forget sometimes, as you read through the hundredth article on how to cut down on your spending, that saving money really comes down to some simple, easy to follow practices.  Maria of Money Principle provides several of these practices, which will hopefully help increase your level of saving.

You Can’t Work 168 Hours a Week – Although there are many people who wish it weren’t the case, and that they could work every hour of the week (hence the 168 hours in the title), this article on Afford Anything is right that you simply can’t do so, and need to look for help at times.  The list of considerations for when it is appropriate to outsource your tasks instead is definitely insightful.

Who Said Making Money Online is Easy? How Shortcuts Have Set Me Back – There are numerous people who will claim that it is not only possible, but downright easy to generate a large (dare I say, huge) income online with little effort (usually by paying them for some product or service, but that’s another story).  This article from My Wife Quit Her Job shares the story of just why that is so difficult, and notes the advantages of focusing your efforts on one area.

Contests and Giveaways

If there are any other contests or giveaways currently ongoing (or an explanation for all these giveaways with the same dollar amount), please let me know so I can share them.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

This week’s list of carnival inclusion was a fun one, particularly when the article that was included was the Money and Child Raising: Preschool, Yay or Nay? article.  It sparked a good amount of discussion, which raised some interesting thoughts for me regarding whether to send my daughter to preschool.  I’ll have to make that decision myself before too long, so it’s good to start thinking about it now.

Alright, that’s it for this week; I can sense my daughter starting to wake up from her latest nap, so I should be going to take care of her.

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