Weekly Round-Up: Tax Day is Over

It’s April 17th, and that means that Tax Day has come and gone.  I hope you had an opportunity to take advantage of some of the many offers put out by companies eager to get your business, post tax filing (and be aware, there are still some ongoing opportunities, just in case you’re still weary from tax season).  There are measures you can take to ensure that you pay less in taxes next year than you did this year, from putting investment money into retirement accounts to earning more of your money from investments (which admittedly is easier said than done), all of which will make for interesting for future posts.

But for now, let’s put thoughts of taxes aside.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of hearing about taxes to last for the rest of the month and then some.  Even though I finished my taxes well over a month ago, I’ve seen and heard plenty about taxes during the past few weeks.  Heck, there is a tax firm in my town that promotes their services by having a person stand out in a Statue of Liberty outfit by the side of the street; I’ll be quite happy when they don’t need to do that for a while (although now that it’s actually warm outside, it’s not quite so disturbing).  With taxes aside, let’s look at some of the other great articles around the Internet, starting with:

Great Yakezie Posts

When is Good Enough Good Enough? – It’s hard at times to think that you’ll ever be satisfied with what you have in life, but as the Financial Samurai notes in this Yakezie post, when you are successful, you start wondering if things are, well, good enough that you don’t need to put so much effort in any more.

Is it Possible to Challenge a Fine from a Traffic Camera? – The short answer is: yes, yes it is possible.  Some possible methods to use if you attempt to do so are described on My Personal Finance Journey (as well as a reminder that not doing something to get a fine is your best bet).

When is Bankruptcy a Good Option? – Not often; there are numerous negative results from declaring bankruptcy, as noted here by Free From Broke.  Luckily, there are some options you can try before you need to go that far, although there are some times when it is the only remaining option.

Reasons You Don’t Need a Credit Repair Company – If you find yourself with less ideal credit, as many of us will at some point in our lives, you will likely be approached by a company offering to fix your credit.  As Narrow Bridge Finance notes, these companies don’t do anything you can’t do yourself for free.

Tips For A Winning Budget – One of the best things you can do to improve your financial situation is to make a budget (surpassed only by following that budget).  Not Made Of Money provides a short but sweet guide to creating a budget you can both understand and follow.

Why Socially Conscious Investing May Be Costing You A Lot of Money – Trying to be both socially conscious and profitable in your investing can be a tough thing, as Money Q & A notes; you might have to focus on earning money with your investments and benefiting the world in another part of your life.

What Do Americans Spend Monthly on Tobacco and Alcohol? – Most personal finance writers will tell you how little, repeated expenses can add up to big costs over time.  How big?  Don’t Quit Your Day Job breaks down the numbers.

5 Ways to Combat Rising Health Care Costs – With health care becoming an increasing expense for many people (myself included), it’s good to have some ways to keep your costs to minimum.  Smart on Money provides a few ways to do just that.

How I Learned to Love Charitable Volunteering – You might be under the impression that you need to be extraordinarily passionate about a cause before it is worthwhile to volunteer, but as The Free Financial Advisor noted, if you donate your time, the passion will follow.  Speaking of which:

Operation: Pug Rescue! We’re Raising $500 to Save Max the Pug (and hopefully more)! – Let’s end with a positive (possibly) note, as Shannyn of Frugal Beautiful works to raise money for a pug named Max, and some others as well.  Consider helping, if you can.

Contests and Giveaways

If there are any other contests out there, let me know so I have the chance to share them with my readers.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

This was a week without many  features for my articles (shocking, I know).  My review of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business was included in the Yakezie Carnival at Family Money Values, but that’s it for this week.

That’s it for now.  Here’s hoping that your tax day wasn’t too stressful, and that you have a chance to enjoy some of the many goodies that have been offered to help make your

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