Weekly Round-Up: Reviewing The Amateur Financier

There’s an odd, but good, side effect to most bad events in life: they tend to make you review and rethink the things you’ve done that led to the bad event.  It makes sense, of course; you don’t want to find yourself facing the same bad situation twice, if there’s any possible way that you can avoid it, so your subconscious mind obviously wants you to spend quite a bit of time reviewing where things went wrong.  The odd part, though, is that it’s not limited solely to what you did wrong; once you start to do some serious thinking, you end up reviewing everything related to the area where you had trouble, even the things that had been going well up until your bad event.

Such is the situation where I find myself when it comes to The Amateur Financier.  My unfortunate hacking incident has been a wake-up call, making me look back over many of the decisions I’ve made over the past few years when it comes to this blog, and thinking about how I could do things differently to prevent being hacked again.  (To say nothing of getting around to many of the other goals I have had for this blog, from making it more profitable to making it more popular, which have been pushed to the side as other things have come up in my life.)  I am still in the process of making all the changes I want to make to this nice little blog of mine, so if you are a regular reader and still getting used to the new look, you might want to not get too comfy, as it’s not likely what things will look like when all is said and done.  One thing I will be sure to keep doing, though, is sharing some of the great blog articles out there each week, as with these Great Yakezie Articles:

Great Yakezie Articles

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) A Waste of Time? – You’ll hear all kinds of opinions on this, so here’s mine: you should do the basics to make sure the search engines can find you, but trying to outsmart the top search engines (meaning, to be honest, Google) is all but impossible.  That’s pretty much the same argument that Sam the Financial Samurai makes in this Yakezie post, so you know it’s true!

Career Lessons from the Football Replacement Refs Situation – If you are at all a football fan (or even spend any time with one), you’ve probably heard plenty about the replacement refs, and how much anger they drew (Green Bay fans are still plotting their vengeance).  One nice side effect is that Squirrelers was able to make a post sharing a few lessons learned from this whole situation.

Why Aren’t There More Women Leaders? – An interesting question from Krantcents, and one I think many have tried to answer, usually with little success (everything from genetics to simple lack of desire have been tossed out there).  If you are woman looking to run a Fortune 500 company one day, there are a few tips to reach that point shared, to help you along the way.

How to Announce You’re Having a Baby – It’s a bit to late for me and Sondra (although including it in a blog post is a pretty decent idea, in my book), but if you or your significant other is in a family way, these suggestions from Briana Myricks of How’s Married Life?  (Formerly 20 and Engaged, if you, like me, have trouble keeping track of some of these blog name changes) are some pretty interesting ones.

10 Reasons You Are Still Poor – Some interesting thoughts on the mental aspect of poverty shared on Invest It Wisely.  I would maintain that outside circumstances have more influence than SB is maintaining (i.e., being born poor has a big effect on whether you stay poor), but how likely you are to improve your state of mind does depend a lot on your mental state, and whether you let these factors hold you down.

Pay Off Debt Without Earning More, Changing Your Habits, or Spending Less – From reading this title, you’d probably assume that Craig of Money Help for Christians has either stumbled upon some money management secret that’s stayed hidden until now, or that he’s gone crazy.  Luckily, it’s neither; he’s making that point that if you hope to change your financial direction, you need to make some change in your lifestyle, too.

Teacher Quality & Teacher Pay: How to Fix Schools – There’s a lot of ideas out there on how to improve the school system in the US (I’ve shared a few myself), but I don’t recall encountering any as likely to offend people on both sides of the aisle as these suggestions from Money Mamba.  From paying teachers more to ending pensions, there’s plenty of interesting suggestions from both sides of the aisle.

5 Things the Self-Employed Need to Do to Qualify for a Mortgage – Pretty straightforward, this article from Life and My Finances shares what those of us without a regular 9 to 5 position need to do to get a mortgage.   Definitely some things to keep in mind as I try to turn this blog of mine into a substantial income source (and perhaps move it from side job to main job).

Ten Top Paying Jobs that Don’t Require a College Degree – If you’d like to make a pretty decent sum throughout your life, but don’t want to build up a six figure debt going to college, you’re likely to run into some trouble achieving both goals.  Luckily, there are some options to make good money without a college degree, as shared by Kevin of Faith and Finance.

Is Social Mobility Fact or Fiction? – Here’s another article likely to ruffle some political feathers, from Roshawn Watson of Watson Inc.  Personally, I think most of us in the Western world enjoy a level of upward mobility that would seem nearly mythical to people only a few generations ago, but that still doesn’t mean that simply anyone who works hard, has some good ideas, and takes a few risks can become a millionaire.  (Sorry to burst your bubble…)

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

Alright, this has been a pretty unusual week; a Guest Post I published on How to Earn More Money has been making the rounds for numerous carnivals, including the Yakezie Carnival – Baseball Playoffs Edition hosted by iHeartBudgets (definitely a nice name), the Carnival of Money Pros hosted by Vanessa’s Money, and Weekend Ramblings & PF Blog Love: Real World vs. School World from Young And Thrifty.  It just goes to show you, if you write a guest post for The Amateur Financier, you might just find it spread all over the blogosphere (hint, hint).

Alright, that’s it for this week’s round-up.  Here’s hoping everyone is having a good October so far, and that you had a good Columbus Day (or for you Canadians, a nice Thanksgiving) yesterday.  Please feel free to pass along any suggestions on how to make this blog better that you have; I’d love to get some outside feedback!  Thanks in advance!

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