Weekly Round-Up: Recovering From Hacking

There’s something about having your site hacked that makes you rethink just about everything you’ve done online, particularly recently.  Much the way that getting a poor grade in a class makes you rethink your approach to studying (or, at least, that’s what a poor grade SHOULD do), this sort of event calls you actions into question and makes you revisit what you’ve done to lead to this.  It’s an eye-opening, albeit at times painful, experience.

On the plus side, there doesn’t appear to be much damage beyond reworking the appearance of my blog page (at least, from what I’ve observed so far).  I’ve managed to get things back up and running, and have even taken advantage of the opportunity to make some changes to the site I’ve been considering for a while now, trying to look on the upside of things.  There doesn’t appear to be any permanent damage, although I’ve got Jesse Michelson, my tech guy, looking into it.   (Being able to refer to ‘my tech guy’ is also a pleasant perk.)  Here’s hoping I’ll be able to recover from this with a stronger website than I had before, one that people will be even prouder be included in my Weekly Round-Ups, as below:

Great Yakezie Posts

Why I Blog-My First “Thank You” – At a time when I’ve been debating whether it was worthwhile continuing to blog at all (what with the risk of hacking and all), it’s nice to see stories like this shared by Robert of My Multiple Incomes.  Sometimes, all it takes is a single reader truly appreciating something you’ve written for it all to seem worthwhile.

My Wife Started Work-What to Do With Extra Money – It’s always interesting to read what to do when you suddenly gain a substantial income increase, as I’m likely to do when I get a job.  This post from Charles of MoneyGreenLife shares some thoughts of how to manage and share money between yourself and your spouse as you start earning more.

Who are the 47% That Pay No Federal Income Taxes? – It’s something you’re likely to hear a lot about between now and the election (particularly with Mitt Romney’s recent comments), so you might as well know who is being discussed.  Money Mamba shares some statistics and some thoughts on the nearly half of the country who pay no federal income taxes.

How You Can Party Like a Rockstar and Still Save For The Future – It’s tough to get young people to save money; heck, most people my age (that is, pushing thirty) still can’t think it’s better to save than to spend and live it up.  This guest post on Good Financial ¢ents shares some good ways to have an enjoyable life at twenty AND have healthy savings when you hit sixty.

Having The Money Talk With Your Parents – If you’re headed off to college, it can be tough to know how much to discuss with your parents about money.  Best advice, from my view: cover as much as possible, to make the issue as open as you are able, as noted in this article on My University Money.  The more open you can be, the better.

4 ways being an asshole affects your finances – It’s hard to think of a way that being an asshole would NOT affect your life, financially and otherwise, in a decidedly negative manner.  But this article on Daily Money Shot shares some of the ways that being an asshole can impact your monetary life in a decidedly unpleasant manner (what goes around, come around, I suppose).

8 Tips for Making Your Small Business A Thriving Exception! – I have bad news, and I have good news.  Bad news: half of all new businesses don’t succeed.  Good news: there are things you can do to improve your odds, as noted on The Millionaire Nurse Blog, assuming you’re willing to not go like late 90’s website makers and spend money haphazardly.

Oprah is Missing One Element in Her Definition of Luck – It’s a risky thing to argue with Oprah; she is pretty easily the most powerful woman in the world.  Still, Amanda of Frugal Confessions raises a good point: for us humans, at least, luck is not the intersection of luck and opportunity, but it also requires a healthy dose of hope for things to work out right.

6 Milestones for Entering the Middle Class – This is a particularly interesting article, covering some of the factors that show you are likely to stay in middle class at various points during your life, from birth to adulthood.  As Luke of Consumerism Commentary notes, a surprising amount depend less on an individual’s choices, and more on how parents treat their children.  A good reason to do the best possible for your children.

Financials of a College Football Game – It’s fitting I include this article, as I’m watching some (professional) football as I write this.  The amount of financial impact these college games can have is pretty amazing, as noted on My Personal Finance Journey.  It makes you re-think all the arguments you’ve heard about why the college players have to stay unpaid…

Contests and Giveaways

Did you miss FinCon12, just like me, but still want a chance to take home a swag bag?  Then check out the contest  over on Budgeting In the Fun Stuff for a chance to win!  (Before September 30th, that is.)

Buck Inspire still has five copies of the Psychology of Wealth to give away, at least, if you respond before tomorrow.  It’s a pretty good book, so it’s a good idea to enter if you have yet to read it.

The Nexus 7 Giveaway being held by Couple Money is still ongoing, although you only have until September 30th for this one, as well.  A lot of these contests end when the month ends, it seems.

There are probably plenty more contests out there, but if I couldn’t find them.  If you could let me know of any you are throwing, or that someone you know is throwing, let me know so that I may promote it.

Where the Amateur Has Been Featured

My article on How to Find an Appropriate Investment Firm was included in the Yakezie Carnival hosted by the Financial Management Blog, the Evernote is Awesome, Cross Platform Is Amazing and a Carnival from Wealth Artisan, and the Carnival of Money Pros – Hooray for Football Edition! from The College Investor (who seems to have also revised his blog since the last time I was able to visit).

That same article was also featured in the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie hosted by Planting Money Seeds and the Carnival of Retirement from Club Thrifty (who has a very nice looking image for the blog, one of a seaside resort).

Alright, that’s all there is for this week’s Weekly Round-Up.  Here’s hoping that this coming week features more good news and fewer invasions by hackers, for myself and all my readers.  Have a great week, everyone!


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