Weekly Round-Up: Recovering From Christmas

I don’t know about you, but for me, this Christmas has been a major time to expend time and energy.  Having a new member of the household has added an immense amount of time to my holiday tasks.  If that wasn’t enough, my family (that is, my mother and my sisters) came out to visit my wife and I, which definitely increased our stress.  It was quite an experience, and I’m still in the process of recovering from everything we did, as well as getting into a ‘normal’ schedule now that we have a baby and there aren’t holiday visits a week away.

On the plus side, I’m now free, or as free as I am going to get.  There is no more thesis work to do, there is no holidays for which to prepare (New Year’s doesn’t count, as we don’t do much beside meet with our neighbors and play some card games until nearly midnight), and no visiting relatives coming to make my life harder.  While I fully grant that having and caring for a baby isn’t an easy task by any stretch, now that she has been born and we are getting into the habits involved with caring for her, I should be better able to mix my blogging goals with our childcare needs.  I’ll also be able to read even more blog entries, allowing me to include even more blog entries in these round-ups, good blog entries such as these:

Great Yakezie Posts

Saving Money by Procrastinating – It’s hard to resist an opportunity to support procrastination, one of the few skills that I have completely mastered (and hope to display less commonly, but that’s another story).  Squirrelers points out some of the deals that can arise if you wait to the last minute to make a purchase before the holidays.  (I’d add the deals available now that the holiday season has ended are even greater.)

What is Wealth? – A good question posed by Barbara Friedberg, and one she answers pretty well.  Besides helping to define wealth, this entry also gives several suggestions on how to build up wealth for yourself, definitely something good to keep in mind as you go through life and (hopefully) end up well off by its end.

Robot and Automation Are Taking American Jobs-Think Your Job is Safe? – Machines and automation taking jobs has been happening for decades (actually, centuries) now, but with the rise of computers and more advanced artificial intelligence, even the most advanced jobs are suddenly at risk.  Still, as Darwin reminds us, the net effect to society is positive, and you can benefit if you prepare for the inevitable.

6 Financial Tips for the End of the Year – With less than four days until 2013 arrives (and no chance that the Mayans were correct and the world will end), you need to start getting your money ready for a whole new year.  Michelle of My Multiple Incomes shares some steps you can take to ensure that 2013 is as good, if not better, a year as 2012 as far as money is concerned.

A Few Reasons to Take Out Life Insurance after Turning 50 – A common theme among personal finance writers is that life insurance is only needed for younger people.  On Financially Poor, though, there are a few potential reasons presented for even someone who is old enough to be a member of AARP to have at least some life insurance to their name.

Progress Is Never a Straight Line – With New Year’s coming up fast, many people are going to be planning their goals for 2013 soon.  It’s good to keep in mind that, as KrantCents notes, you won’t always see your progress going in a straight line to the goal; you’ll have zig-zags, move sideways, and even go backwards at times.  If you want to reach your goal, though, you’ll have to keep moving even through the troubling times.

Celebrate This Holiday Season by Giving Back – During this festive time of celebration, it’s good to remember that there are people out there suffering worse fates than not getting everything on their Christmas lists.  Little House in the Valley reminds us to include giving to charity as part of our holiday giving.

How to Fight the Blues by Giving to Causes You Believe In – Speaking of giving, Kevin of Invest It Wisely shares some of his thoughts this year on helping others.  He provides some suggestions on just how to do so, as well as how material progress never seems to be enough to make us happy by itself.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

My discussion of Three Things to Do Right Before You Have a Baby was included in several carnivals, such as the Carnival of Money Pros at Making Sense of Cents and the Carnival of Retirement in the Investing Money Blog.

While we’re on the subject of things that change when you have a baby, my list of Four Financial Changes For When You Have a Baby proved to be a popular one for carnivals last week.  It was included in the Sexy New Look Edition of the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie from the Savvy Scot, the Carnival of Financial Planning from Thriftability!, the Carnival of Money Pros – Holiday Edition from Debt Black Hole, and the Yakezie Carnival hosted by Making Sense of Cents (featured on this blog for the second time in two weeks; not too shabby).

Alright, that should be enough for now.  Here’s hoping everyone had a great holiday season, and that you have been able to recover in less time than it’s taken me so far.

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